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[quote="digs"][quote:323ca09490="Kanga-Rooster"][quote:323ca09490="Dolphin"][quote:323ca09490="bcarbonaro"]For Werribee, I think Podsiadly is a serious chance to win it. Don't discount Dominic Gleeson either.[/quote] Pods?? You think. He only won the Liston. :roll:[/quote] Club B&F votes are totally different to umpire votes!! Would be interesting to see who of past Liston winners have actually won their Club B&F? Julian Field won a Liston but Shaune Moloney won the Roosters B&F that year (albiet by a narrow margin). As far as this year goes would expect Orren Stephenson, Tom Roach, Blake Grima, Eddie Sansbury and Brett Goodes all to be up there.[/quote] Kanga, Do you have any inside info. Are you prepared to take a stab ot one..?[/quote] Just a stab in the dark Digs!
[quote="Stangaman"]I know at Boxhill there are a few contenders for the B&F which are Steven Kenna , Alister Neville, Mitch Thorp and Josh Kennedy I can`t see anyone else from them taken it off.[/quote] I would reckon Steve Kenna is an absolute certainty. Easily Box Hill's best player this year as shown in the Liston voting.
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:D My Sandringham B&F predictions are Roderick Crowe ,Andrew Biddlecombe , Peter Summers and Nicholas Sautner. Not necessarily in that order. go zebs zebra :wink: