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Club Best and Fairest nights 2008. Who won?
Post your clubs awards from the 2008 Best and Fairest night.
Jason Davenport won Geelong's
Williamstown: Tie between Liam Picken and Brett Johnson Ben Jolley third
How often do ties occur does anyone know? I don't remember many but there would have to be a few right?
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:D Sandringham B & F 2008 Seniors Andy Biddlecombe 101 votes Runner up Rod Crowe 92 3ed Adem Yze 68 Most Determined Andy Biddlecombe Best 1st year player Chris Waller Most Courages Player Chad Liddell Coaches Award Shane Tregear Leading Goalkicker Nick Sautner Best Clubman Graham Clarke Trevor Barker Award Nick Sautner Leader Newspaper Award Andy Biddlecombe Second Place Peter Summers Gary Gilchrist Award John Kempf RESERVES B & F Sam Monahan 2nd tie Guy Martin & Rennie Gilchrist Most Determinend Madison Hardiman Team Involvement Award Brett Liddell Coaches Award Jack Cannon Retirements Chris Lamb, Chad Liddell ,Rod Crowe (1 year) Coaching Appointments Chad Liddell ( Tooradin) Presentation night Bentleigh Club 172 people attended. go zebs zebra :wink:
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Nortern Bullants Best & fairest Seniors 1 J Saddington 2 L Blackwell 3 A Iacobucci Reserves 1 N Messe 2 J Williams 3 B Davies
[quote="barker"]How often do ties occur does anyone know? I don't remember many but there would have to be a few right?[/quote] Only the third tie ever at Williamstown.
Casey: Seniors 1. James Wall 2. Shane Birss 3. Michael Rix Reserves: Peter Mercoulia Captains Award: Ben Waite Steve Harrison Trophy: Evan Panozza
Other seniors award were - Alex Silvagni- most consistant, was 2nd in the count before his missed 6 weeks after the Clinton Young hit. James Taylor- Trademark Award. Top 5 Wall, Birss, Rix, Arimtage, Silvagni. Reserves Top three Mercoulia Mohr 2nd Waite, Snow, Vernon, 3rd
pretty good effort by young silvagni, i believe he also didn't train for the last 6 weeks of the season with shoulder injury that required a few jabs along the way so to finish top 5 is a great effort! Well done to Armitage as well, played alot more with the saints but really took a step this season should play a full year at St. Kilda next season. Birss is a tough one, played some very good footy with us and was usually tagged, but i'd say he is behind Ball and Hayes and now possibly McQualter for the same spot with St. Kilda, do they keep him??
I'm guessing Collingwood gave out 2 to the overal VFL B&F and one to the highest VFL listed player as the winners were Brent MacAffer and Justin Crow. Or maybe it was a tie...I'm not 100% sure.