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Box Hill- Mitchell gone
Reported in todays sun that he will move to Freo to take on a coaching role, who is out there to coach
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After such a poor season, I'm a little surprised Fremantle went after him. I suppose the Box Hill job doesnt count for much, and its more of an assistants role.


Good Luck to Barry Mitchell. A first class coach and a first class bloke. Someone else will get the benefit of his good work at Box Hill this year. [quote="NorthPort"]I suppose the Box Hill job doesnt count for much, and its more of an assistants role.[/quote] What a heap of garbage. You haven't got a clue. Mitchell was offered a 3 year contract by Fremantle as an AFL assistant coach. Any VFL coach would jump at it. It's a credit to Mitchell and a credit to Box Hill that he was offered the role. If Ayres was offered a similar position he would be out of Port like a shot from a gun.
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All I was saying was his work with Hawthorn (not with Box Hill) must have been good to attract their attention.


I suppose it was only 12 months ago that Mitchell was talked about as a possible AFL coach!!! Not surprising to see him take on an AFL role. However, the revolving door at Box Hill has to be a bit of a concern. Thats what McDonald, Libba, Collins, Christensen and Mitchell in about 7 or 8 years. I know very few VFL clubs have long standing coaches, but surely its not ideal to have new people come in, coach for 12 months and then disappear.
Yeah, no good. John Barker's replacing mitchell at hawthorn, not sure about as box hill coach. JARROD MOLLOY!? Don't know if he can coach, but i know he's been in the system, and would be a nice link to the past, especially with his old man coaching the club. Revolving door is the right phrase! That's the way the club's gone. Still nothing about it on club website!!! Slack! Haven't taken a pot-shot for a while! The wheel is spinning, but the hampster is dead!
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it is a feather in the cap for the VFL...just like when Mark Williams got a gig at Melbourne...good luck to Barry Mitchell...hope he doesn't get any Pagan like people at Freo.. Jarrod Molloy was coach of the sandringham Dragons this year...not sure if he has been reappointed???

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

Jarrod Molloy quit Sandy, Luke Beveridge has taken over