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From the Examiner
Reported by Phil Edwards

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THE Tassie Devils will cease to exist next season if AFL Tasmania's proposed Statewide league becomes a reality in 2009.

That was the message AFL Tasmania general manager Scott Wade conveyed to the Devils' players at training last night ending recent uncertainty and speculation over the club's future.

"I advised them that if AFL Tasmania establishes a Statewide league we won't be fielding a team in the VFL," Wade said yesterday.

"At this particular point in time we don't have a State league because we still have clubs that are required to commit.

"But I also advised the players that it is highly likely that we will have a State league - and we won't be doing both," he said.

Reports that a financial lifeline could be extended to keep the Devils alive in 2009 drew an ultimatum to AFL Tasmania from three Northern clubs yesterday.