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Development over Reserves

Oh please....

Paul Amy's article in this week's Inside Footy says Box Hill are referring to their RESERVES side as their DEVELOPMENT TEAM.

Stupidity has reached a new level. Same pot, different anyone actually going to be stupid enough to think it's actually more prestigeous to be playing with a "development team" than a "reserves side"?


Oh my god....This could be the silliest thing I have ever heard.

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Years ago the VFA called them the SECONDS and nothing wrong with that but I reckon the RESERVES are a better name.
go zebs
zebra ;)

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Stupid name.
For instance a bloke plays with Vermont and gets recruited to play at Box Hill. If he plays for them he can say he got recruited by Box hill and play in a developement team.
What if he is a 26 year old ?
What a wank. Another brainless AFL scheme ?????

It is the reserves or seconds or magoos.
Box Hill reserves, Box Hill seconds, Box Hill magoos, Box Hill dew kickers but not a wankers name like developement squad !!!!!


The quicker VFL Sides align with U/18 TAC Cup sides the better.

The 'Seconds', 'Reserves' or 'Magoos' could be restricted to U/23's and have VFL Fringe players mixed in with developing juniors. Players over 23 would be better suited playing suburban football against mature bodies anyway.

Benefits are endless, have quality juniors playing against players similar to age and ability and allow players a few extra years of development before surging forward with VFL/AFL Careers. Would see the U/18 players who fall out of the system after not being drafted given a better opportunity to be drafted.

Box Hill could call their development side something like the Box Hill Ranges, Frankston Stingrays etc etc

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Box Hill Seniors are already blatantly the Reserves of Hawthorn.

Is the Development Team a Jeff idea?


Personally I thought Box Hill's player development this year was pretty good.

The proof of the pudding's in the eating - Box Hill Hawks Development Team = VFL Reserve Grade Premiers 2009.


I think it worked quite well. The whole concept, I think, it all about preparing these blokes for the rigours of VFL football, and subsequently, hopefully keep them in the VFL league rather than playing 1-2 years and then going back to local footy.

They are still the ressies, twos, magoos, etc, but it's all about refining the Box Hill and Hawthorn structure to achieve the best outcome. I think the name is less important than the structures put around that, and the club has done a really good job in investing in blokes like Pedersen, Markovic, Smithwick, Neil, Nye etc.

Similarly, blokes like Mitchell, McGlynn, Taylor all started off the Box Hill 2's. This is just about ensuring that level has a distinct feed up role through the ranks.