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Practice Game Frankston vs Port Melbourne

Great wins by both Frankston teams in the very hot conditions. Especially the seniors come from behind win. For those interested the heat rule was used from 3 quarter time of the reserves game.

Frankston 8.3 14.6 17.8 17.12(114)
Port Melbourne 1.1 6.4 10.7 12.11(83)

Frankston 0.2 2.5 5.7 9.10(64)
Port Melbourne 3.5 5.5 8.9 9.9(63)

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What a contrast in weather from last week!

A little disappointing to lose, but you could see it coming a long way off. Frankston looked pretty competent, and their delivery into the forward line was far better that Ports.

The Borough had a lot of the footy, so at least they can take that and a few other positives out of the game.



How do you see either team go this season ?
Can they play finals football this year

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[quote=Tiger]How do you see either team go this season ?
Can they play finals football this year[/quote]

I might split this off into a separate thread...

I reckon Port will be thereabouts again this season.

Most of the players that departed, missed chunks of last Spriggs, Cotchett, Livingston.

The ins of Grima, Batsanis and the two Deluca's should help us cover some of those losses, while players youngerer players like Dalton will hopefully step up another gear.

Frankston looked good.. moved the ball better and quicker in passages. If they can stay injury free I reckon they will a top8 side in 2009.