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Williamstown v Box Hill practice match

Willy soars to impressive win

Williamstown has overcome a slow start to beat Box Hill in a high-scoring practice game at the Whitten Oval last Saturday.

Box Hill jumped out of the blocks scoring eight goals to three in the first-term.

Their massive lead was soon squashed as the Seagulls bounced back with an impressive seven goal to two burst.

Buoyed by confidence, the Seagulls powered away with a mighty 13 goals to six second half to seal the result.

Final scores:

Williamstown: 3.2.21 ~ 10.5.65 ~ 16.10.106 ~ 23.15.153

Box Hill: 8.3.51 ~ 10.9.69 ~ 12.11.83 ~ 16.15.111

Goalkicker: Little, Picken, O’Keefe, Welsh 3, Skipper, Gotch, Reid, Harbrow 2, Johnson, Grant, Wight.


The Bulldog listed players in the reserves consisted of Stack, Jones, Daniels and Shaw.
[B]Stack[/B] was quiet but did some nice things.
[B]Jones[/B] looked good in the air and even on the ground which is great given his size but his kicking for goal was inconsistent. He floated between CHF and FF.
[B]Daniels[/B] had a superb game and covered a lot of territory. His skill level was particularly good and he has a solid work ethic around the packs. Clearly the standout of the game.
[B]Shaw[/B] was quiet again. The things he does normally look good enough but he just isn't getting enough of the ball at the moment.
Mulligan and White just looked on today and Cloke played in the magoos.

The firsts actually performed poorly today and it wasn't until the Hawks rested blokes that they got back into it and opened up a nice lead. Don't let the scoreboard fool you we were poor today.
At quarter time the mild mannered Gotch gave a few of the Bulldogs boys a right royal bollocking. Harbrow got a spray and after a good game last week the coach let rip into Boumann about his endeavour and even offered him an extended spell on the bench.
To Boumann's credit his work rate and performance particularly after half time improved a lot and he he got back into the good books. Ben Davies copped an earful as well for his errors.

There was a fair spread of goal kickers by the Bulldog boys today which wasn't bad

[B]Skipper[/B] had another fine effort this week and whilst he might be out of favor by a lot of the WOOF regulars I still he offers our side something. He did well around the ground, kicked a nice goal and held his marks. Solid outing.

[B]Picken[/B] played mainly in the midfield and did well without being one of the better players. He went missing here and there which didn't help his performance.

[B]Callan[/B] looked out of sorts and got an injured ankle which had him off the ground for the majority of the 2nd half. He didn't do a lot today.

[B]Roughead[/B] started on the bench but was a good back-up for Skipper today and his ruck work around the forward line allowed Skipper to play a kick behind play.

[B]Grant[/B] started off as a HFF today and moved between there and FF. His kicking is far better when he is up the ground. His crunching tackle on a Box Hill player got him some attention and the poor bloke on the receiving end was very groggy for a period of time.

[B]Reid[/B] moved between midfield and forward duties and did well. He was very good around the stoppages which is his strength. His skill level still lets him down but it was a good effort.

[B]Wood[/B] had a solid day without being one of the better players. He is maturing into a nice player but just hasn't put it all together yet.

[B]O'Keefe[/B] started off quietly but got better as the game wore on. He kicked a smart goal and used the ball pretty well today. He also moved around the ground a lot better than last year and whilst he might never be a speedster he isn't as slow as is his reputation.

[B]Boumann[/B] had a solid 2nd half and looked good as a forward and as a defender. When he is switched on he looks a far better player.

[B]Wight[/B] did some nice things but because the Hawks were so small in the forward line there was no natural match-up and he spent a fair bit of time on the wing. Not a great game but not a disaster either.

[B]Lynch[/B] did some nice things but way too quiet. [B]Callan[/B] injured and had little impact.

[B]Harbrow[/B] did some of the normal things you would expect from him but I don't think he was effective as he should be.

[B]Welsh[/B] was poor in the first quarter but got better. At 3 quarter time the coach was very pleased with his efforts. I was a bit disappointed with his efforts today because at times he just didn't seem to go hard enough for marking contests. Defensively he was good though.

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This can't be:

Williamstown: 3.3.21 ~ 5.5.35 ~ 8.7.55 ~ 13.10.88

Box Hill: 3.3.21 ~ 7.5.47 ~ 11.8.74 ~ 14.8.82

14.8 is 92 and Box Hill won, as I was informed by a Williamstown official on Saturday 4th April. (This incorrect score is also on VFL official site.)