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New coach Grant excited

New coach Grant excited

On the eve of his first season as a coach, Frankston’s Shannon Grant says he cannot wait for the VFL season proper to start.

Frankston has played a series of practice matches including a close win over 2008 runner-up Port Melbourne recently - Grant's first win as a coach.

Asked on ABC 774 if he had cause to “bake” his playing group, Grant said he had kept his cool.

“We are a pretty young group, we have a lot of 18 and 19 year olds coming through from the Under-18s TAC Cup competition,” Grant said.

“I’ve been pretty patient so far. We’ve had three praccy matches so I’m sure in the next couple of weeks when the serious stuff begins there might be a few then.”

Grant said his interest in coaching had spiked over the past few years.

“Probably three or four years ago I gave it some serious thought,” Grant said. “Ask me 10 years ago and I probably wouldn’t have.

“Once you’re career comes towards the end you start to think what you want to do and what you’re next move is once you’re playing career finishes.

“Last year as the year went on, the closer it got to finishing, I really had that incliniation I wanted to coach.

“I’ve been given a fantastic opportunity to coach Frankston, a stand alone side in the VFL.

"Looking forward to it, can’t wait for the season to start in two weeks time.”