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23rd Player Rule

23rd player - AFL Victoria has regulated the use of a 23rd player. They must be a TAC Cup player in designated senior VFL games in 2009. This initiative will apply to all VFL clubs and will draw upon 19 year-old and top age TAC Cup players. The new regulation is as follows:

1. VFL Round 3 (April 25/26) - 19 year old players to be used only.

2. VFL Round 9 (June 6/7/8) to Round 12 (July 4/5) - 19 year-old and 18 year-old non-National Championship representatives.

3. VFL Round 13 (July 11/12) to Round 20 (August 29/30) - 19 year-old players and 18 year-old players (including National Championship representatives).


Also for Round 3, a VFL listed player who was TAC Cup listed last year and is 19 years of age can play as the 23rd player provided they have not made their senior debut in the first two rounds.

Williamstown requested that change and it was granted.