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Get used to it boys.
Thats the system.
You reckon the Roosters never used to bleed when Jeremy Clayton was kicking arse for Port Melbourne.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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[quote=blackrocker]Burraburger said

Great to see Robin Nahas kick 5 goals. His early season form has been fantastic. Hopefully we see him playing for Richmond next week instead of watching Hislop and King turn the ball over game after game.

I reckon you don't want to see Robin N coming out of the visitors rooms on 20th June.

It was a sorry sight to see Shane Valenti come out of the visitors rooms on Sunday[/quote]

It was a strange sight seeing Valenti and the other Melbourne listed players running out for Casey...had a chat with Valenti's father after the game and I askeed him how he felt...he said it was really hard for him, after all he's a Sandy supporter, but was much harder for Shane...I was thinking after the game what would it have been like if the the alignments hadn't switched...luckily Sandy still has a strong VFL list which Casey doesn't have at the moment..

Looking forward to Nahas playing against Port...mind you if Richmond can't beat Melbourne then he should be a regular in their team

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years