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Round Two - Werribee v Bendigo

The Werribee public responded to the clubs first night game at the Tigers home ground, with a massive crowd, in the order of 5000-7000 according to different people at the game.

Werribee Tigers: 5.3.33 ~ 9.6.60 ~ 15.8.98 ~ 19.13.127
Bendigo Bombers: 2.4.16 ~ 3.4.22 ~ 8.6.54 ~ 11.7.73

Werribee Tigers: Pask 6, Thompson 4, Martinello 3, Wright 2, Castello, Rockefeller, Henderson, Goldstein.
Bendigo Bombers: Bock 2, Atkinson 2, Bellchambers, Jetta, Magin, Myers, Harrison, Carroll, Scanlon.

Werribee Tigers: Howard, Barlow, Goldstein, Greenwood, Pask, Obst.
Bendigo Bombers: Hooker, Lonergan, Scanlon, Myers, Flaherty, Holmes.

Werribee secured a video scoreboard, and organised the National anthem to be sung prior to the game.

Bendigo were never in the hunt, with the Tigers posting a big win in front of the large crowd. With a bit of luck, we should have highlights of the game up on the website some time this week.

Marty Pask continued his good form, posting 6 majors, while SENs Nathan Thompson rocked up and slotted 4.

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I hope to have highlights of this game later this week.



Was at this game and it was great for there to be such a good crowd, it was pretty much the biggest crowd I have ever seen in my almost five year involvement with Werribee.


3,700 was the official crowd figure given by stoney on sen's vfl hour.


I would have more something closer to 4,000 was a better indication of how many people were there.