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Williamstown keep Bendigo grounded

Williamstown travelled to Bendigo on Saturday which saw the top side against the winless bottom side.

Williamstown made 3 changes to the side which had a hard fought 6 point victory away at Frankston the previous Sunday. Ayce Cordy and Stephen Tiller returned from injury and Ben Jolley from illness to strengthen the Seagulls side. Out of the side went Dylan Addison who was promoted to the Western Bulldogs and Dean Galea and Easton Wood were demoted to the reserves.

First Quarter

Williamstown open the game in a blistering fashion with Ben Davies and Matthew Little kicking early goals. Wayde Skipper was continuing his excellent form and was providing Guy O'Keefe, Brett Johnson, Sam Reid and Ben Jolley with plenty of opportunities. Leroy Jetta was at his explosive best and kicked 3 first quarter goals on Cameron Lockwood and Henry White. Stephen Tiller, Cam Wight and Tim Callan were very constructive up back and Dylan Joyce was again having an impact off the bench.

Williamstown 6.3 Bendigo 3.2

Second Quarter

Matthew Little continued his fine form by kicking his third and fourth goal. Cal Ward kicked a great running goal as the seagulls began to extend their lead. Scott Lucas kicked 2 goals in 5 minutes as the Bombers tried to remain in the contest. Jarrad Grant and Ayce Cordy had fine quarters and Scott Meyer was enjoying his stint in the ruck. Jason Cloke was again a solid contributor and Brendan Stack continued his weekly improvement by using his pace to great effect. At half time Willi established a 45 point lead.

Williamstown 13.6 Bendigo 6.3

Third Quarter

Willi continued to extend their lead, but was off target in the third quarter by adding 6 goals and 8 behinds. Stephen Tiller was enjoying an outstanding game and Cameron Lockwood was again at his best rebounding from defence. Ben Davies and David Stretton continued to link up through the midfield and Chris Egan had quality touches with both hand and foot. Cam Wight continued to blanket Scott Lucas who was not the beneficiary of good ball supply from his midfield.

Williamstown 19.14 Bendigo 9.4

Fourth Quarter

Any thoughts of cruising through the fourth quarter was quickly dispelled when Williamstown kicked 3 goals in the opening 5 minutes of the final quarter. Patrick Rose who had been fairly quite came to life and kicked 2 goals and Chris Egan intercepted an errant Bombers handball to stroll into an open goal. Dylan Joyce, Brett Johnson, Ben Jolley, Guy O'Keefe, Tim Callan and Sam Reid continued to dominate the midfield as the Seagulls cruised to a 101 point victory.

Williamstown 25.17 (167) Bendigo 10.6 (66)

Goal Kickers- Little 6, Rose 2, Egan 2, Grant 2, Reid 2, O'Keefe 2, Cloke 2, Davies 1, Jolley 1, Joyce 1, Ward 1, Stack 1, Stretton 1, Cordy 1.

Best Players- Tiller, Davies, O'Keefe, Callan, Stretton, Wight

Reserves Wrap

Williamstown continued its unbeaten run by defeating Bendigo by 198 points in a very lopsided contest. Coach Saade Ghazi switched his players continuously which probably shows why there were 16 individual goal kickers amongst the 33 goals scored.

Tom Langlands and Matthew Cravino were outstanding with 42 and 38 touches respectively and Easton Wood responded in a very positive manner after being dropped.

Williamstown 9.8 17.14 26.17 33.23 (221)

Bendigo 0.0 1.4 2.5 3.5 (23)

Goal Kickers: Galea 4, Georgiadis 4, Miller 3, Wood 3, Cartelli 3, Shaw 2, Langlands 2, Boumann 2, Cravino 2, Kelly 2, Rampe 1, Lee 1, Lynch 1, Isbister 1, Roughhead1.

Best Players: Langlands, Cravino, Wood, Georgiadis, Gotch, Grossman