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Relentless Seagulls leave Bombers in tatters

Hobson Bay Leader

Wayde Skipper

It was raining goals at Bendigo’s Queen Elizabeth Oval on Saturday when Williamstown met the home town Bombers in the sixth round of the VFL.

But, most of the scoring was done down one end with the visiting Seagulls absolutely running riot.

They slotted 58 goals for the day to Bendigo’s 13, with the seniors registering 25.17 (167) to 10.6 (66) and the reserves 33.23 (221) to 3.5 (23).

With their barnstorming wins, both Seagulls teams remained on top of their respective ladders.

The Seagulls’ seniors were consistently brilliant throughout their game after opening with a 6.3 to 3.2 first quarter.

Wayde Skipper got the ball rolling in the ruck, giving his midfield, led by Brett Johnson, Sam Reid, Guy O’Keefe and Ben Jolley first use.

If not for Leroy Jetta the Bombers would’ve been even further behind, as the small forward kicked his side’s three goals.

The Seagulls increased their margin to a commanding 45-points at half-time after another dominant quarter in which they slotted 7.3 to 3.1.

After booting two goals in the first, key forward Matt Little slotted another two in the second term.

Relentless with their run and carry, the Seagulls, though a little off target, added a further 6.8 in the third term to lead by 70-points at the final change.

Ben Davies and David Stretton were instrumental in continuing the domination through the midfield, while Cameron Lockwood and Stephen Tiller strong in defence.

Not about to ease off, the Seagulls kicked the first three goals of the last quarter in the first five minutes, on their way to scoring 6.3 to 1.2 for the entire term.

Patrick Rose, after seven goals the week before, was quiet, but managed to join in the fun with two last term majors.

Tiller was best on ground, while Davies, O’Keefe and Stretton were also brilliant. Little finished with six goals while Cam Wight did a good job of holding Bombers star Scott Lucas.

In the earlier game, the Seagulls’ reserves had 16 different goalkickers as they won by 198-points.

The visitors set the tone for the day by kicking 9.8 to 0.0 in the first quarter, before adding 8.6 to 1.4 in the second, then 9.3 to 1.1 in the third and finally 7.6 to 1.0 in the last.

Dean Galea and Nick Georgiadis each bagged four goals, and Easton Wood, Luke Cartelli and Matt Miller three. Tom Langlands had 42 possessions and Cravino 38.

The Seagulls are back home at Burbank Oval this Saturday when they host Port Melbourne.


Williamstown 25.17 (167)
Bendigo 10.6 (66)
Goals: Little 6, Rose 2, Egan 2, Grant 2, Reid 2, O’Keefe 2, Cloke 2, Davies 1, Jolley 1, Joyce 1, Ward 1, Stack 1, Stretton 1, Cordy 1.
Best: Tiller, Davies, O’Keefe, Callan, Stretton, Wight

Williamstown 33.23 (221)
Bendigo 3.5 (23)
Goals: Galea 4, Georgiadis 4, Miller 3, Wood 3, Cartelli 3, Shaw 2, Langlands 2, Boumann 2, Cravino 2, Kelly 2, Rampe 1, Lee 1, Lynch 1, Isbister 1, Roughhead1.
Best: Langlands, Cravino, Wood, Georgiadis, Gotch, Grossman