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The TAC GF should be played a bit later than last season with no more than a 30 minute gap before the main game.[/quote]
Agree with that. The TAC Cup game finished close to 90minutes before the VFL game. Just rediculous. TAC Cup game should start closer to 5. It was a boring wait last year for spectators between the two games and saw many who went for the TAC Cup game actually go home.


I believe the TAC Cup Grand Final is starting at around 4:30pm instead of 4pm this year. I believe the game must be over by 7pm to allow the change over between Fox Sports and ABC TV Coverage. The VFL Grand Final will start at 7:45pm.


[quote=Robbo]I believe the TAC Cup Grand Final is starting at around 4:30pm instead of 4pm this year. I believe the game must be over by 7pm to allow the change over between Fox Sports and ABC TV Coverage. The VFL Grand Final will start at 7:45pm.[/quote]Sensible.

The timeline last year was tight, from memory the TAC started at 4.04pm and had strict time guidelines to ensure it was done and dusted by 6.30pm.

Why can't the ABC produce the TAC Cup GF coverage on behalf of Foxtel - as the ABC have done with the Hopman Cup in Perth over many years? ABC Filming, graphics etc?

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here's an idea to fill the 45 minutes between the end of the TAC Cup Grand Final and the VFL Grand Final.

We could have some heats or semi finals of the Super Kick AND the Grand Final Sprint.

Something that would keep the crowd entertained :)



For me it depends who makes it. I'll be there if Port makes it. If Collingwood or Geelong make it and it is not against Port I won't go. I can't stand the AFL teams.

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Bring back the Dandy Dollar Dash and Norm Yemm out of retirement.


hanging around Preston after the Casey 2's on the weekend was a different feeling.
the crowd was very good, the ground, particularly the grandstand, i find very good to watch footy from, but the atmosphere had no passion or feeling.

A team would have a fast break, and there was no built up roar as they streamed towards goal, instead a few quite claps, and a few mumbles about where Rocca is, or how such and such is going.

The crowd, if it were local footy would have been electric.

Local footy is where passion is.

VFL has no continuity people don't come to support their club.

The list turnovers, and the in ability to get high profile players in the comp for long periods is killing us. But then when we do get a player with some following
(insert Nahas etc.) the AFL plaucks them and makes them play for the opposistion... For teams to have sustained success they need to have the power to keep their players and build support for the team, no a 5 minute blow in such as Richo or Rocca, in decades gone past Richo might have pulled curtains now in the AFL, and signed with Coburg next season, not any more, too much money in the AFL for that 1 more year... and why play in a stale comp driven by the comp he could be playing in.

Casey have done a fantastic job to retain the likes of Mathews, Silvagni, Wall, Panozza, Taylor to start to see the benefits and success... but for how much longer?


And for those who whinge about the 10 000 crowd to last years grand final, realistically 10 000 is an awesome effort for a Stand alone side, and a partial aligned side from the country, why would people decide on grand final day that they all of a sudden have an interest?

compare that to the 3 or so thousand at preston, when about 1000 of them came to see one player and were a true reserves side anyway...


I wont be there unless Sandy are playing.As some have mentioned the games this year have been more sterile than past years and if some big name AFL isnt playing then the crowd is generally very poor.I cant see why the VFL /Afl Victoria dont play the GF at Punt road it has all the atributes needed - good PT. plenty of parking and 10,000 would fill the ground nicely.The Dome is way too big for the VFL GF and even AFL games with 20,000 look terrible.In all the tens of VFA Grand Finals played from the 1950s at the Junction Oval that I attended even in the golden era the game was never a lockout and the biggest crowds were around 30,000 most were in the mid 20,000s.The Junction Oval before the seating was put around the outer was able to hold at a squeeze 40,000+
The groundsman told me in 1966 when Sandy played one season of home games there that the biggset crowd ever at the Junction was for an athletics meeting with many world champions in the 1930s that had an estimated 70,000 crammed in but thats a bit hard to believe.

I also think a tipping point has now been reached with both the media and sporting public treating the VFL as the defacto AFL reserves comp.(give a dog a bad name etc)

The biggest mistake was made in 2000 when the AFL clubs opted for alingements instead of spreading the surplus AFL players amongst all the VFA/VFL clubs like is done in SA and WA. This would have allowed the VFA/VFL clubs some sembelence of control over the direction their clubs unlike now when more and more of the AFL clubs are dictating the terms.


I would like to see Port Melbourne spend some money for decent lights and play games on a thursday night at 7pm and broadcast them live on cable tv.

The VFL now are in a position where they can't lose they need to try new things think outside the square they have a great compition at the hands.

When i was out drinking a few years ago i was speaking with chad liddell about the VFL and i happen to ask him what venue would be great to host a grand final and he said he went along to support Sandy in 97/98 and he thought it was the best atmosphere and day his had at the VFL.

If there going to let the Grand Final be played at the Dome They change it so the finals are there aswell so teams get use to the ground if they make it into the grand final.