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I think you have summed it up pretty well.

Bendigo and Essendon is not quite buried as people think. Got a feeling that Bendigo and Essendon combination will be there in 2010. QEO will be right for next season. It is obvious Bendigo would need to recruit some quality VFL players to their list. If Essendon was a stand alone VFL club it would not have made one iota and they would be winless. Can't blame Bendigo without pointing the finger at Essendon. If Essendon were stand alone the top up players would not have made much difference at all. Bendigo has had a lot of injuries from Essendon that have affected them this season.

The Coburg alignment looks like a 90/10 Richmond's way. I too barrack for Richmond but do not want to see an old VFA club completely swallowed. Would this happen if they went to Craigieburn in a full time basis ?

It is amazing that Casey are aligned to Melbourne who are on the bottom whereas Sandy are aligned to St Kilda who are on top. Yet Casey have been the far better team despite having a much younger list and less AFL representation.

I don't mind the part alignemt as the VFL teams keeps the majority of its identity and the team does not completely resemble a reserves team filteres with AFL players.


Yeah, amazing that Casey beat Willy with only 2 Melbourne players, and i think they were both rookies! Casey would be doing just as well without the Dee's i fancy, can't remember a Dee completely destroying a match this year. A lot to be said for a whole team pulling in the same direction beating a more talented team with some looking at a flag, some trying to get into the Footscray team!