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[quote=billythekid][quote=digs][quote=billythekid]I see Sandy are thrashed by Geelong reserves and its no wonder.I hope the Zebras dont make the finals .
St Kilda fans want their players can keep playing VFL finals with Sandy well bad luck.

As I have always said and I havent changed my opinion of St Kilda that they are a shit of a club and that is the main reason they have won only one flag in 120 mostly miserable years.
Joing them has to be one of the worst mistakes the SFC has ever made I cant see anything positive coming out of this move in the long run apart from benefitting St Kilda[/quote]

Billy, This is serious, but I fully agree with you.
What Sandy should do is next week play all the Saints players that are coming back in the reserves.
I can tell you that there were a lot of Casey officials & supporters down at Morwell yesterday with big smiles on their faces, as they all believe that the Saints were whiteanted by Sandy.[/quote]

What we should do is not play any of the St Kilda players!
This is how the St Kilda fans think of SFC on thier fan forum.


Bloody hell, Sandy can't take a trick, I'm worried about this club, we have no depth and no bloody kids coming through judging by their inability to even compete in the lower level

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Is this a Sandringham forum or a St Kilda forum?

Don't give a rats arse how they go!

You're right our depth is terrible. Today a perfect case in point. 8 players missing, 6 of them in contention for AA, and we beat the reigning premiers interstate in a must win game (for them) by 4 goals.

Who cares about Sandy? I only care about the saints players playing for them. They were all (mostly) playing for the saints today

Heres another comment

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For me the VFL results are all about how our players perform like a number of you have mentioned

However with that being said it's clearly in St Kilda's advantage to have the Zebras playing finals football. It's going to be pretty hard for anybody out of the Saints to force their way into the team.

Today's match showed just how fierce the competition for places is going to be and unfortunately if Sandy can't turn things around we'll have a number of fringe players training hard but sitting on the sidelines every weekend.


As I said I couldnt give a flying f *** about how St Kilda performs and hope to hell they are not premiers.The way things have started they will destroy whatever Sandringham stands for by the time the 5 years alingement is finished.[/quote]

This attitude is typical of many AFL supporters, we have a group of North Melbourne supporters though who come along each week and support Werribee, not just the Roos guys but everyone who plays.

We definitely didn't have much of that kind of passionate support from Bulldogs fans when we were aligned to them.