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Is it time for the final 8 to go?

I don't understand why the VFL persists with a final 8 when there are only 13 teams in the comp. I think it should go back to a final 6 or even a final 5 as this would reduce the number of teams just "making up the numbers" and make the finals something that celebrates success.


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Final five has always been the best system.
Top team gets rewarded and progresses to the 2nd Semi.
With a top eight, how many teams that come eighth win the flag or make the Grand Final ??
Fair enough if there are 16 teams, but there are only 13 teams. Eight make the finals and only five miss out.


I agree the final 5 is the best system.

It gives the Minor Premier a deserved advantage over all others - a week's break and 2 chances to win its way into the Grand Final.

Then teams 2 and 3 get a double chance which is a fair reward for a good season.

Problem with the current final 8 system is that you get the same chance in the finals by finishing anywhere from 1st to 4th.

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Yep...Final well..

I'm sure the AFL brought in the final 8 just to try and ensure that Collingwood would be in the finals on a regular basis

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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I hope Collingwood finished ninth.
Williamstown will give them a flogging this week.


This year is probably the first time in a number of years that a side in 7th and 8th could be dangerous and progress through the finals. And lets not forget that there is likely to be another team next year...

If it was a top 5, after 8-10 rounds there could be teams knowing there season has finished already. Thats not good for the competion. Also everyone loves the idea of a underdog.

I recall in 2007 Port Melbourne was in its second season as stand alone and we just scraped into the finals. It was a great effort by the club and every win was like gold, we always felt we were up against it when playing the aligned clubs.
We got across the line in the Elimination final out at Casey and earnt another final which was played at home.
For the sake of the clubs that arnt in the mix for top 5 I love the final 8. We wouldnt have seen Frankston go within a freak goal of making the prelim last year. Who knows what could happen this year.

Pauls Camcorder (not verified)

To me it seems like the final eight system, should only be in if there are a minimum of 14 teams competing. This year in the VFL, we don't have that many teams. Who knows, there may even be less teams in the VFL for season 2010.

I think most of us cam remember when the AFL expanded in the 1990's and the ridiculous scheduling / drawing system that was used for the final six teams.
It was crazy and had just about everybody crying out loud for a return to the final five system. The VFL should look at a final five system for next season for sure.

I might be a one-eyed Borough Supporter who would love to see Port playing in this years Grand Final (if we're good enough) at Teac Oval, however, given what the Docklands Stadium is like (expensive etc), how about the Punt Road Oval once it's redeveloped? Easy to get to via Public Transport, plenty of parking nearby and an 'open air' atmosphere no doubt similar to that of most VFL Grounds.
What do you all think?


Paul Im with you there. Junction Oval is fantastic now as a marquee cricket ground and would be a great venue for finals. Punt Road again, fantastic. This topic has been done many times in another thread however until we can get 30,000 to a Grand final we should forget about Etihad stadium.

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Junction Oval might be the best bet for Port to return to the glory days of winning a flag lol! You're right though, a lot of stands have been knocked down and it is more suited to cricket.

Right on about Etihad if less than 30,000 attend.
It's a waste of time showcasing our Grand Final there if enough people won't get out and support it.

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A Final 5 sounds right for me - certainly no more than 6.

Definitely a neutral ground for Grand Final.

zebraman wrote

I'm sure the AFL brought in the final 8 just to try and ensure that Collingwood would be in the finals on a regular basis

Dunno about that - I thought it was all to get $$$$$$$$.