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Burners to hopefully beat Vermont this week to set up Blacky v Croydon GF.
A dream GF instead of the usual Vermont, Noble Park and Balwyn domination.
Storm on Friday v Manly at TURD DOME. Revenge for last years 0/40 drubbing.
Let us know if you are going to that.
Richmond Central tried very hard on Saturday but Kew had a few too many talls. The game was played at Gillon Ovak Brunswick a blast from the past. Top three go to D3 with only one down to D4. Richmond Central could be the go for next season with flag number 3 ?? The coach is excellent and would put some coaches that I have heard over the years in the VFL to shame.


Bullants wont win the grand final. I reckon they will lose next week. Hope they do.

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They get Cloke, Garlett and Shaun Grigg back for the prelim. They have been firing with only loss to Port at Teac Oval over the last 8 weeks, who could be their opponents if Port beat Box Hill on the weekend.
Maybe mad Monday for a few Carlton listed players might get them off the rails.
Very tall side the bullants and if Port do play them it could be a battle of the giants if Port players all their talls. Intersting.
Roosters still favourites at mabe around $2.10


Would it make much difference to the Bullants side?

Those 3 players can come in but then another 3 Carlton listed players have to go out.


Dale 5 players out of a list of about 55-60 players is pretty good going. Really representive of your great club.


[quote=burraburger]The 2003 premiers only had 2 Willy players, had first gamers playing in a grand final and was before the 12/10 rule. A hollow victory Id call it, now the turds have almost won as many flags as us. Wonder what song they sang that day???[/quote]

Good old Willamstown forever,
we know how to play the game.
Side by side we stick together,
to uphold The Magpies name.
Hear the barrackers a shouting,
as all barrackers should,
Oh, the premiership's a cakewalk
For the good old Collingwood!