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Second Semi-Final - Williamstown v Collingwood

Pre and post game discussion here.


Open slather selection for the Pies, they would really rate there chances. Could spell trouble for Williamstown. Its not a nice feeling when you have been one of the top teams all year and your opposition stacks there side with AFL players.

Pies should have a very similar side to last week.

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They will also keep an extra player for an emergency for the Saturday night clash with the rampaging crows.
Collingwood last beat Williamstown in 1896 !!!


[quote=Dale61]Possibly two to come out of the Collingwood VFL line-up with the injuries to Pendlebury and Rocca.[/quote]

Nathan Brown will also be back.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Yeah, Nathan Brown is back, Shannon Cox could also be back.

Also I doubt whether a player would be held over as emergency because the AFL are playing on the same day so they would know in the morning, or just have someone play limited game time.

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What happens if a player goes down in the warm up ?
It has happened in the afl this year.
Would you play one short on the bench in a final ?
They will keep a player for an extreme emergency.

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Forecast for Saturday
Mostly sunny. Winds north to northwesterly averaging 40 to 45 km/h.

Becoming windy. Min 13 Max 25.


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Williamstown vs. Collingwood – 2nd Semi Final (ABC TV)
Saturday 12th September
TEAC Oval at 1:10 PM


B Everitt Meyer Addison
HB Tiller Cloke Stack
C Stretton Bre. Johnson Davies
HF White Hill Jolley
F Boumann Little Rose
R Skipper Wood O'Keefe
Int Williams Joyce Roughead
Lynch Lockwood Langlands
Gotch Georgiadis


B Dyas N. Brown Cox
HB Corrie Reid Clarke
C Peverill McCarthy Blight
HF Cook Dawes Stanley
F Bryan Rusling Bennell
R Keefe Barham Blair
Int Walker K. Pendlebury Reed
Rounds Sheahan Colbert
Thoolen Frost


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Wayde Skipper will be far too good for Keefe who is utter trash.
Very ordinary player who will be outclassed.
Where's Dean Galea ? Cloke in the backline is a good move as he should be no where near goal. Johnson, Davies and Stretton to give the towners plenty of drive out of the middle. Hopefully Matty Little and Patrick Rose can each kick a few goals.


I fancy Galea may have sustained an injury last week. He had very little game time on Sunday.

Pauls Camcorder (not verified)

If Collingwood wins tomorrow, I'll back them to beat North Ballarat the following week. Hope it's a good match in the windy conditions.