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[quote=Pauls Camcorder]If Collingwood wins tomorrow, I'll back them to beat North Ballarat the following week. Hope it's a good match in the windy conditions.[/quote]

IF your auntie had balls. she would be your uncle.
Williamstown or Collingwood will be VERY hard to beat.
Either should start favourites against North Ballarat, especially if their associated AFL teams are still going.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Bang Bang

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Nightmare on elm Street. What more can I say from today's game.
Williamstown were beaten bar a far more comitted team. No excuses.
Brett Johnson and Wayde Skipper always do well for the towners and both will go well in the Liston.

Latest score from the MCG Crows 7.6 to other team that I won't mention their name 2.5. Car'n the crows !!!

Seagulls are at least better than Craigieburn Tigers !!!

Spewing Blacky lost to vermont by 2 goals and Kinglake went down, still they would have been better than the inept performance by Willy.
Kicked against the breeze in the qtr and were slaughtered.
Lookeed like a good game between Mulgrave and South Croydon at East Burwood.

Great to catch up with JB, Blackrocker, Timeball, Station Hotel, the casey radio crew and Ben.
JB a few of the boys on the website wanted to catch up.
Let us knw next time you are at a vfl game with pm and I will bring some old Williamstown dvds for you includig the 1976 Willy v Mordi GF. I can burn a few dvds no problems.

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Nightmare at the MCG continues.
Looks like it will be go Roosters on Saturday and go cats on Saturday night !!!

Otherwise I might head out of town the following weekend.
Then again would it be nice if they lost by a point with a goal after the siren in the one that counts.

Pauls Camcorder (not verified)

Ha, looks like I was right about Collingwood. I'll back them in to beat North Ballarat next week by 12-30 points.
Collingwood AFL also won, can't see any key player changes within the Collingwood teams for next week.


Will probably get more back with Fraser, N.Brown, Rusling and maybe Beams and Rocca available.

Kris Pendlebury will be stiff if he misses out next week he shut down Little all day.

Hats off to the Irishman Kevin Dyas who nullified the dangerous Patty Rose even when left one out at full back.


Can only hope they play Fraser and Rocca in the VFL, deadset over rated has been dogs.

pm me VFLfan, i'll happily take your hard earned ;)


Congratulations to Port Melbourne on the new sponsorship at Northport.

According to Brent Diamonds great article in the Age, yesterdays game was played at Visy Park.

He done a great job getting the teams correct.

What a TOOL


Hey Rooster & Digs, I hope your boys smash Collingwood next week.


I reckon it should a very interesting match and wouldnt be surprised if the Pies win.