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[quote=burraburger]Id like to know what happened to all the Williamstown supporters on the weekend??? Not many to been seen and definately not many to be heard.
Why do all there fair weather supporters only clap and make a noise when there in front??

A stark contrast to the Box Hill and Port Melbourne game, plenty of passion and spirit. Has all of Williamstowns alignments killed off the spirit??[/quote]

There would be a lot more spirit if the seagulls were standalone. I remember the passion when they tried to merge Williamstown and Werribee. The 1996 season was a vey passionate one.
There are diehard supporters from Williamstown who travel everywhere. To Tassie, Bendigo, North ballarat etc.
Maybe the afl alignments do hurt the seagulls.
Finances are pretty good. I heard on Talking footy last week that some Footscray people are not happy with some afl listed players playing for the willy reserves. If they are not good enough that is where they belong.
Maybe it might be time for Footscray to have a stand alone team ? Or is it time for the seagulls to have a coach who is influenced less by the AFL alignmnet.
Not sure of the answers but on Saturday it was not a good way for the seagulls to bow out.
For the past couple of seasons the home and away seasons have been very good but continue to dispoint in finals.
See what happens in 2010 but the seagulls could have a Liston Trophy winner in either Wayde Skipper or Brett Johnson.