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Easly the best game of footy I have watched in any level this year. SWEET VFA !!!
I loved the atmosphere on the wing with Port and Box Hill supporters not far from each other cheering loudly.
Footy was the winner.


[quote=AkiBerg]You called it in one on Jennings #4. He's been woeful in the last month from memory. Something tells me he 'umpired' himself out of prelim contention today.[/quote]

Best comment of the day heard from a Box Hill supporter when Jennings came over within earshot:

"Bloody hell Jennings, even your posture's terrible. At least try to stand up straight."

Laughed myself silly for a couple of minutes. :)


One of the best games I've seen. It's rare that in a game of footy, halfway through the last quarter you can't decide who will win and can't decide who should win... That's how even it was.

Went out and had a listen to Ayres at three quarter time and thought he was terrific, spoke about the "Borough spirit" and really appeared to rev up the players.

Thought McGrath in the middle after half time had a big impact and his two late goals showed how much poise he has. Was impressed with Breust #17 for Box Hill. Umpiring was ordinary, but the standard of the contest is what people should be talking about after yesterdays game. An absolute classic!

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I listened to the huddle at 3/4 time. Ayres speech was a beauty with the BOROUGH spirit. Rekindled the good old days of VFA yesterday.