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old VFA Grounds and Pubs

Might have to start a new forum.

Favourite Pubs at VFA grounds
Port = Railway Club
Williamstown = Stags Head
Sandringham = Sandy Hotel
Box Hill = Blacky Pub
Werribee = The Racecourse
Yarraville = Yarraville hotel
Frankston = Grand Hotel
Preston = Cramers
Prahran = Orrong Hotel
Mordialloc = Bridge Hotel
Junction Oval = The George (nice and handy across the road)
Northcote = Grandview in Fairfield (15 minute stroll)
North Ballarat = enjoy the social club at roosterland
Waverley = Village Green
Caulfield = London
Sunshine = Tottenham Hotel when it was around. Derrimut if you like drinking in ther Bronx
Geelong West = enjoy the bar on train back from North Geelong.
Kilsyth = Went there twice for VFA games. Had a good session there the second visit.
Berwick = Berwick Tavern
Dandenong = The old Southern Aurora across the road from the Station which was rough as guts. In recent years the Old Dandy Inn which is Dandenong's answer to Markillies.
Springvale = Drink at the ground and social club as you wouldn't want to roam around the streets there.
Coburg = Sumerworld Hotel
Brunswick = Grandview but has changed since and so has the Vic.
Princes Park = Sarah Sands aka Bridie O'Reilly's or Naughton's (Fevola's pub)
Oakleigh - Junction Hotel

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North Port,
How can I forget Camberwell = The Palace Hotel where else.


VFA, Did you ever get a chance to go to Fred Cooks Station Hotel???? If so what was it like, any stories????

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I did visit there but would have been on a pub crawl.
Not sure if Freddie had it then because it was in later years.
Most likely after his tenancy.
Quite a few of the old pubs are long gone from the Port and South area.
Station Hotel is one of them.


[quote=burraburger]VFA, Did you ever get a chance to go to Fred Cooks Station Hotel???? If so what was it like, any stories????[/quote]

Freddie used to run a pub with strippers & many other things, Not sure which one as I never frequented any of those establishments. !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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It was the Station Hotel in Port which is a street or two away from Teac Oval.
I think it is private residence these days.


Yeah the Station hotel is now the same building however it has been renovated inside to be 3 apartments. Looks the same from the outside.

I was just just a pup while it was open however I do know about the strippers and have been told Fred had green carpet like a football field. And alot of Port memorabilia inside.

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In my younger days the Terminus, now long gone, opposite Williamstown Station and closest to the Willy ground was a popular spot.
I remember the "six o'clock swill". I think they sold Richmond Brewery products

Wally from Will...
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legend has it that when Harry 'Soapy' Vallence came to Williamstown from Carlton in the 1930's or 40's he would catch the train to Willi station on match days, have two pots in The Terminus before the game & a young Fred Goldsmith would carry his gladstone bag up to the ground for him. The building is still there but is also a private residence, sadly. The Station Hotel was also notorious prior to Fred Cook running it as a hangout for the Painters & Dockers, and when the owner at the time, Loris Cooper, gave evidence at a Royal Commission as to what went on there, she was black-banned and some terrible things were done to her & anyone who dared to go in there. I know coz i lived in Farrel Street Port Melbourne at the time, and that was my local. :beer:

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I was a bit too young to drink at the Terminus but go past there when I get off from Williamstown Station and head to th Stags Hotel before a Willy home game.
Stags would be the most popular pub on game days followed by the Steam Packet.
Railway Club streets the Port pubs but the Rex is a Port Melbourne FC pub with Seagulls Bar (ex Newport family hotel) belongs to the seagulls.
There would have been plenty of pubs sponsorsing VFA clubs. The Village Green with Waverley FC to name one. Cramer's and Preston FC would go along way.


Vfa isnt Box Hill a dry area??