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Just had a look to see how bo nixon faired at the trib,durin the week,only up to round 11,fantastic,just another great effort by schwab and hook,both hawthorn people thats probably why yze wasnt cited,dont worry he will cop it ,congratulations guys you both are doing such a fantastic job,NOT


[quote=jasonborough]thats probably why yze wasnt cited,dont worry he will cop it[/quote]

Oh, dear! The Borough faithful are in an unusually feisty mood this September.

Last week a thread was shut down after threats against a Williamstown player. This week poor old Adem Yze is copping it.

Looks like Bo Nixon beat the rap too. Don't hear any grumbling about that one!

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The point is that Tribunal results are NOT made available.


I always thought they were posted somewhere on the website?


They are meant to be, but the slackers at AFL Vic dont bother to put them up.


Is very crap