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Finals Week 2 - Scores

2009 VFL Seniors
Williamstown: 0.3.3 ~ 1.4.10 ~ 4.7.31 ~ 7.12.54
Collingwood: 5.3.33 ~ 7.5.47 ~ 9.12.66 ~ 13.16.94

Williamstown: Rose 2, Everitt 2, Cloke, Gotch, Joyce.
Collingwood: Dawes 2, Stanley 2, McCarthy 2, Frost, Reid, Corrie, Bennell, Barham, Reed, Blight.

Williamstown: Johnson, Skipper, Jolley, Wood, Stretton, Lynch.
Collingwood: Dyas, Pendlebury, Stanley, Frost, Blair, Reid.

Port Melbourne: 6.3.39 ~ 8.8.56 ~ 14.9.93 ~ 19.14.128
Box Hill Hawks: 4.2.26 ~ 8.4.52 ~ 14.9.93 ~ 19.10.124

Port Melbourne: Bonaddio 5, McGrath 2, Pinwill 2, Batsanis 2, Cain 2, Dwyer, Pitt, Neville, Suckling, McMahon, Fanning.
Box Hill Hawks: Breust 3, Yze 3, Walsh 2, Pedersen 2, Savage 2, Neil, Lisle, Morton, Iles, Curnow, Gibson, Williams.

Port Melbourne: Bonaddio, Dwyer, Nixon, Fanning, Brewer, McGrath.
Box Hill Hawks: Yze, Kiel, Curnow, Markovic, Pedersen, Morton.

2009 VFL Reserves
Williamstown: 1.3.9 ~ 2.9.21 ~ 4.11.35 ~ 6.14.50
Sandringham: 4.2.26 ~ 9.2.56 ~ 13.8.86 ~ 14.10.94

Williamstown: Grant 2, Mulligan, O'Shea, Lockwood, Egan.
Sandringham: Eddy 6, Ferraro 3, Tungatalum, Garrubba, Johnston, Williams, Hardiman.

Williamstown: Cartelli, Georgiadis, Miller, Roughead, Cravino, Daniels.
Sandringham: Johnston, Eddy, Gilchrist, Liddell, Gribbin, Williams.

Williamstown: J. Young (Williamstown) for striking M. Johnston (Sandringham)

Box Hill Hawks: 3.3.21 ~ 6.8.44 ~ 15.15.105 ~ 22.18.150
North Ballarat: 3.1.19 ~ 4.4.28 ~ 5.5.35 ~ 10.8.68

Box Hill Hawks: Parker 3, Kennedy 3, Bull 3, Nye 2, Hoegel 2, Conyers 2, Smithwick 2, Peterson, Marcius, McGuinness, Coyle, Kitchin.
North Ballarat: Micallef 2, Limb 2, Chester 2, Linke, Bell, Raworth, Peters.

Box Hill Hawks: Walker, Bull, Purcell, Kitchin, Carey, Conyers.
North Ballarat: McHugh, Peters, Limb, Micallef, Murnane, Raworth.


Willy are gone. Pies win!!!


If Collingwood beat Adelaide tonight then there VFL team has a great chance to upset North Ballarat next week. Without the 12/10 rule they have a very solid side. Interesting times.


Have the Port boys got the balls to mention Willy out in straight sets before their game tomorrow ? ;)

C'mon Jason :D


Not when the AFL team is still alive


Whats that got to do with Willy now burraburger ?


Hey Rooster I was talking about the Collingwood situation. But in regards to tomorrows game we will roll Box Hill by 5 goals....Just ask Jason!!!!


Good luck tomorrow mate.
Im not sad to see Willy out.
The senior filth to get smashed tonight, fingers crossed.


Think we will go alright tomorrow. Im tipping a big crowd, we will be out in force. Hope the weather isnt too bad.

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The Hawthorn forums along are talking up a big Hawthorn supporter base to show tomorrow at TEAC Oval... whether that happens or not, who knows.

My TV reception was a bit shotty, but did I see a smallish crowd in attendance today?

OT, I was watching the last quarter LIVE of the GDFL Granny on Channel 31!



The best crowd of the series so far.Great game as well to half time.