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[quote=zebraman]The surface today was very very average.......very wet on the scoreboard pocket....players slipping all over the place....the centre very muddy...

Looked even worse on the TV when I got home...

If the VFL want to persist in using TEAC Oval as their preferred venue then a lot of work is needed to bring the surface up to scratch[/quote]Totally agree. They were lucky that the reserves didnt play yesterday in the heavy rain otherwise the ground would have been even more chopped up. It has dried out somewhat by today.

The other embarrassment was the PA system going crazy with the Reserves presentation, that was really poor. The 2s boys deserve a lot better than a makeshift stage and a presentation nobody can hear.

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Preston looked far too strong in the second quarter with the talls (marking power) and shorts with the crumming goals.
To Port's credit they clawed their way to within range but were not quite there in the end. Gallant in defeat but the Bullants were the better team.
Great atmosphere today especially on the wing where the noise level grew by the quarter. The crowd was pretty good and even better than the Port v Box Hill clash from last week. Prston will give the roosters a good game but I bekleive the roosters look far too acomplished and will be back to back premiers.
Get on Geelong and the Roosters on a double. Throw in Storm for a treble although they still have to get through Broncos next Saturday night to get through to the granny.
And yes Warwick Capper made a cameo in the social club after the game.
Rumour has it Port Colts looking to join the Southern Football League.