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Will Ballarat actually have any supporters at the game?? None usually even attend there home games. Maybe once a year they can make the effort. Abit like last years grand final when they all come out of the woodwork.

Preston to make it 9 wins in a row against the roosters!!!


You mean will North Ballarat have any supporters at the game ?


[quote=rooster]You mean will North Ballarat have any supporters at the game ?[/quote]
And thats your biggset problem>.Most of Ballarat dont give stuff about NORTH Ballarat.


quote=vfa]The beers are good at the Great Western and the meals are not bad either.
They will at least get a better crowd than last year. ironically there has already been over 20,000 tickets sold for the Storm game for Saturday night. I would expect quite a few to turn up on the night where the Storm could get in excess of 40,000. The VFL would kill for half that crowd.[/quote]

The thugby should get a better crowd with the Hun(who own the storm 100%) and CH9 flogging it to death and you wonder why the VFL cant pull a crowd???

Ill bet the VFL GF dosent get a mention on the so called Footy Show on 9 this week either but I bet there will be ads for the thugby.
As I have said before the enormous amount of free publicity the Storm get through the HUN and Ch 9 is stifiling any chance the VFL has of getting some decent PR.
Any mention of the Storm on this forum should make most Australian Football lovers sick in the guts.

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I bet you if Collingwood were in the VFL GF Eddie McCollingwood would make sure they would have got a plug on the footy show.
Billy there will be a bigger crowd this year in the GF. Being realistic they might get upto 5000 more than last year (I am hoping).

Still I will be there as I have not missed a VFA GF since the days of Max Papley in 1970 when the seagulls got beat by Prahran.
My top dozen GFs since 1970 that I have attended and not in any order

1972 1st Division Oakleigh v Dandenong (Big Bob Johnson and the Oakleigh fans in a great era for the oaks)
1973 2nd Division Caulfield v Brunswick (Big crowd and great game)
1976 1st Division Port v Dandenong (One of the toughest games)
1976 2nd Division Willy v Mordialloc (great final series and have fond memories of this game as a kid)
1978 1st Division Prahran v Preston (Fiery game whhich typified many great VFA GFs in this era)
1980 1st Division Port v Coburg (The borough played some great footy in the last qtr to turn the game around)
1982 2nd Division Northcote v Caulfield (Being a Northcote supporter say no more)
1985 1st Division Sandy v Willy (great game that went dow to the wire)
1986 1st Division Willy v Coburg (controversial game and the seagulls first flag if you don't include ther 1969 and 76 2nd Division flags since 1959)
1990 1st Division Willy v Springvale (top of the list)
1994 Sandy v Box Hill (gret fightback by the zebras)
1997 Sandy v Frankston (good atmoshphere at Teac Oval)

Billy pick your top dozen that you have attended. You will some great GFs well before my time.

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Great add for the mighty Melbourne Storm in today's Herald sun on page 70.
Don't you like the add Billy. I'll see you there on Saturday night wearing your Melbourne Storm scarf and screaming your lungs out for the purple machine.
Billy I reckon you should start watching more storm games.
Only joking Billy, chill out man.

Lets talk old VFA
Billy pick your top dozen that you have attended. You will some great GFs well before my time.
No doubt number one for you will be the 1962 VFA GF.

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Omen bet running around at Canterbury Races today.
Race 4 number one it is called Black and Whites.
Digger and all other roosters this could be a good bet if you beleive in omens
It is quoted at $16 and is resuming from a spell. Form reads 2642.
I might have a couple of bucks on it.


North sticks with winning line-up
24/09/2009 9:12:00 AM
NORTH Ballarat has named an unchanged line-up to face Northern Bullants in the Victorian Football League grand final at Etihad Stadium tomorrow night.
As expected, head coach Gerard FitzGerald yesterday stuck with the same combination which ran over Collingwood by 61 points in the preliminary final five days ago.

With the Selkirk Roosters enjoying an injury-free run through the finals, FitzGerald has been able to retain a settled team.

Billy Driscoll has been the only addition for the reigning premier since the finals began - returning from a fractured heel.

North Ballarat has 16 players from last year's premiership team fronting up - Steve Clifton, Billy Driscoll, Dan Feery, Cruize Garlett, Brett Goodes, Marc Greig, Paul McMahon, Shaune Moloney, Tom Roach, Michael Searl, Myles

Sewell, Matt Sharkey, Josh Smith, Jacob Spolding, Orren Stephenson and Michael Wundke.

Shannon Watt, Corey Jones, Aaron Edwards, Marcus White, Stevie Dinnell and Ed Lower are the newcomers.

The Roosters have eight North Melbourne players as part of their part alignment with the Kangaroos - Watt, Jones, Smith, Garlett, Edwards, Lower and White, who is a rookie.

Northern Bullants, which are limited to 12 Carlton-listed players, will announce their team today.

FitzGerald said the Roosters were not feeling any pressure.

He said the circumstances were completely different to last year, when North Ballarat was striving for its first VFL premiership.

FitzGerald said to that point there had always been doubt as to whether the country-based model developed by the Roosters would be good enough to achieve the ultimate.

North Ballarat will have its final training run at Eureka Stadium tonight, while its Melbourne-based players will have a run at Arden Street.

This is the second time the VFL grand final has been played under the roof at Etihad Stadium and the second time on the night before the AFL grand final.

North Ballarat defeated Port Melbourne in front of about 12,000 last year.

AFL Victoria is hoping to attract at least 15,000 tomorrow night.

AFL Victoria chief executive officer Peter Schwab said it would be great to attract more.


The omen tip was Antsinthepants at Ballarat 'red hots' last night. Noticed the driver on the runner up was in the Black and White!


VFL Grand Final Teams

North Ballarat

B 36 Watt 10 Moloney 8 Greig

HB 15 Feery 29 Searl 3 Sharkey

C 6 Roach 5 Clifton 23 Goodes

HF 17 McMahon 27 A. Edwards 21 Jones

F 1 Driscoll 41 Jo. Smith 4 Spolding

R 18 Stephenson 25 Lower 33 Sewell

Int 31 Garlett 43 White 13 Dinnell
35 Wundke 14 McHugh 19 Chester
7 Cartledge 24 Richardson

Northern Bullants

B 19 Spiteri 23 Hartlett 11 Boundy

HB 37 Edwards 43 Saddington 31 Jo. Bannister

C 40 Bentick 5 Iacobucci 1 McCorkell

HF 62 Yarran 73 Cloke 25 Garlett

F 50 Ellard 72 Fisher 4 Gianfagna

R 39 Jacobs 46 Anderson 22 Morgan

Int 8 Bransgrove 24 Browne 28 Bentley
3 Ja. Bannister 67 Hill 74 Neaves
21 Pfeiffer 12 S. Austin