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Sturt belted Centrals at Unley earlier in the year, Centrals won by a few goals at Elizabeth (where I reckon the 'Dogs have a five goal advantage) late in the year and the Qualifying Final two weeks ago was very tight.

I realise Grand Finals are a whole new ball game and there are some other "unknown factors", but I must admit those match odds surprise me somewhat considering how good Sturt have been this year. Sturt finished on nearly (equivalent of) 150% compared with our 127%. The two sides have been very even in terms of scoring potential, though Sturt have conceded almost 15% less per match over the year, their rebounding half back line has been very effective.

Based on figures in "The Budget" and the 23 man squads listed here (on average) Centrals are 1kg lighter, Sturt are 2cm taller and about 18 months younger. Similar statistical variance on those three criteria between the two sides.

[quote=vfa]What odds one of the Gowans twins win another Jack Oatey ??[/quote]
Not sure, but wouldn't be surprised if the JO didn't go to a player on the winning side, whoever that may be.

Local media man Chris Kendall is quite respected in SANFL circles, his perceptive two page preview in Adelaide's The Independent Weekly can be found here

NB: Couple of other good questions / points raised earlier on this thread. I'll try to respond to them some time next week once everything has settled down a bit.

Thanks all.

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Centrals won again! What's new :D



Robbo's SANFL Grand Final Day Report from Adelaide

I arrived at AAMI Stadium at 8:30am this morning and left about 6:10pm tonight after the presentations it was great day weather wise temperture around 18 degrees and sunny.

(1st ever)Macca's Cup Under 18 Grand Final 9:05am

Glenelg finished as minor premier and it showed as they dominated the game from start to finish and won every quarter on the way to a 64pt win over Port Adelaide to win the first ever Macca's Cup.

Glenelg 5-3 8-6 13-11 16-11(107)
Port Adelaide 3-1 4-3 5-5 6-7(43)

Goals: Glenelg: Bradley, Jolly, Armfield, Trembath 2,Ramsey, Scott-Collings, Contin, Venning, Howard, Giddings, Teakle. Port Adel: Howell, Solly, Hand, Hood, Milera, Wanganeen.

Reserves Grand Final 12noon

Glenelg got the jump on the Eagles kicking the first 2 goals but then the Eagles began to dominate and led by 33pts at half time. The lead was extended to 35pts 10 mins into 3rd quarter and most people thought the game was over but the Tigers then kicked 9 of the next 10 goals to snatch an upset 12pt win over the Minor Premier and favorites the Eagles. Glenelg came from 4th place and won each week of the finals to win the Premiership. One of the best comebacks ever in a grand final.

Glenelg 2-3 4-8 9-10 14-14(98)
Eagles 4-2 10-5 11-11 12-14(86)

Goals: Glenelg: Day 5, Snook 4,Grima, Hinge, Duldig, Basir, Hitchcock. Eagles: Hill 5, Westbrook 3, Wright, Cheep, Rowntree, Staple.

Bob Lee Medallist(Best on ground): Richard O'Grady(Glenelg)

"be active" SANFL Grand Final 3:10pm

Central got the dream start as they dominated Sturt in the first quarter with the only sour note for the Dogs was Chad O'Sullivan being carried off with a broken leg. After quarter time the domination continued as Sturt could not get through the Bulldogs defense and Central were scoring at will. The game looked over at half time and it showed as both teams kicked 4 goals in the second half as Central went on to win by 38pts and become the first team to win 8 premierships in the same decade(played in all 10 grand finals) and its 3rd in a row,6th in 7 years(under current coach Roy Laird). previous record was 7 by Port in the 1950's and 1990's and Norwood in the 1880's.

Central 6-3 9-8 12-12 13-14(92)
Sturt 3-3 3-6 6-7 7-12(54)

Goals: Central: Sansbury 4, Schell 2, Callinan, O'Sullivan, Dutschke, C.Gowans, J.Gowans, Havelberg, Slade. Sturt: Coad, Chambers 2, Crane, Payne, Evans.

Jack Oatey Medallist(best on ground): Trent Goodrem(Central)

Crowd: 35647 at AAMI Stadium (biggest crowd this decade) (Prev. best 35187 for Central vs Sturt in 2002)


The ABC coverage showed Delta Goodrem a few times!!

I only watched an online stream of it for about the last 15-20mins but it looked like a good crowd over there.


Robbo, i managed to get over to the game as well, and what a good show the SANFL put on.

A Sunday for starters, I made a day of it and got there for the under 18's. The sun was shining, the beer was full strength, what the VFL could learn from going and having a look at one of their grand finals.

Now i AM a supporter of the 'docklands experiment'. The bottom line is, if the comp was as strong as what we want it to be, the grand final would need a venue like Docklands. but play the triple header on a sunday, there is no reason you can't play the 3 (inc. TAC cup) and have the ones start at 3. don't play at ackward times on a rushed friday arvo/evening.

The grand final got 35 000 to it and the atmoshphere was electric. Admittedly, the general following for clubs is far greater, but realistically the VFL should want 20 000 minimum. VFL hasn't made inroads by swinging the grand final to docklands.

It's the first thing you teach kids at school when dealing with experiments, DON'T CHANGE TWO VARIABLES AT ONCE, make the VFL granny a sunday, play all 3, and show people how to entertain, not just be happy with people coming in, but give them reason to go back.

enough rant, too many beers, i'm going to bed.

But probably beneath all this, is the VFL will never generate and maintain followoing, sponsorship etc. with it's chopping and changing all the time.

Bendigo not fielding reserves,
AFL running clubs, having their own reserves in our seniors.
The jokrs of alignments.

to be honest, i would back a move for Port Melbourne, Willy and anyone else who wanted to to say stuff you VFL and go play in the SANFL... will 99.999% chance NEVER happen, but i would support it if they didm i'd probably buy memberships for them as well....