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Shannon Grant leaves the Dolphins!!

Shannon Grant has left the Dolphins after one season after a meeting with club officials today.

Here is the link to story in Frankston Leader

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Just drawing up the market - who's favourite now to Coach (or Captain/Coach) Frankston?

I think Brad Gotch would be good for the place, but I don't think they have the coin to hire him.



Gotch to Casey is my mail.

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Brad Gotch would be a good get and could do well for the dolphins.


About BLOODY time. Now Frankston can get back on track.


Get Phil Cleary.......


Good move Dollies. Now they might have some chance of keeping their playing list together.

As for the Phil Cleary suggestion, half the problem with this site is so many people who live in the past. It's heading towards 20 years since Phil last coached, we always see people DREAMING of Grand Finals at the Junction Oval again and remembering the great old days, but we're not in some time warp, and there's such thing as a time machine yet...we need to look at the future. The VFL will never go back to the great old VFA days.


I thought they would have given him another year, i think he will be a good coach one day, he is very green and will learn over time


They made a HUGE mistake appointing a guy who'd had no coaching apprenticeship.

He might well be a terrific coach one day, but he should have done a year or two at a lower level or undertaken an assistant/part-time role somewhere first.