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Brad Gotch to Casey

Gotch will coach the Scorpions next season.

After being pretty disappointed in losing German i'm confident we have a good man for the Job. I felt he was pretty good at the Gulls, and although his finals record was questionable, there are so many factors that play a part in VFL finals it's hard to judge.

He was also a premiership coach with us (even if it was 13 years ago...)

Hopefully he is there more than one year as he is our 4th coach in 4 years and it's time for some stability with our coaching staff and list.

I've got no doubt we are building a good list to challenge for the flag in the next 2-3 years.


Despite being disappointed in losing Peter German, it opens the door for new opportunities. Very pleased with the appointment of Brad Gotch.


Caseyscorp, hopefully they can keep the likes of Mathews, Silvagni, Wall, Panozza, Faulks etc. it would have been a frustrating few years for them with so many different coaches, however hopefully they can see the opportunities that could happen if they stick together.

While i'm at it, any news on the extensions? have they started and on track? can't wait to get down at some stage and have a look,

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Who will coach Frankston.
Any rumours out there ?

Cone on Dolphin give us some names ??

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Good for Scorpions to have Brad Gotch back after 13 years where he had plenty of success.