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It is interesting that it is being presented that Goosey will build a bridge between the Dolphins and the MPNFL and give local players a chance.

The Dolphins list is made up almost entirely of young local talent and has been for some time. Most of the best local talent is either at the club or has been there and gone back to local footy. Not saying it is a bad appointment or anything like that, but the club has been going down the local path for a long time now.

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Dolphin you do not sound as if you feel Goosey is your chose even though every club on the Peninsula knows his past good history , kicking goals and many of them ,coaching many local teams on the Peninsula and nearly every kid there knowing his name with respect.
My team the Zebras tried to get him on board 10 years ago before he went to Geelong but unfortunately he never came to us.
Just answer Dolphin who you would want to coach Frankston and give an honest answer don't say you had no one in mind.

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he was a damn good player...goal kicking machine at Mornington...I think 7 or 8...maybe more 100 goal years in a row... many have found before them...a good player doesn't necessarily make a good coach...

However give the guy a chance...he just may do pretty well...

Whether he will "bring the peninsula together" is unlikely...Frankston aren't exactly flavour of the month on the Peninsula...never have been really...that's not a criticism...just a fact...

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


Zebra, I think Zaerbraman's comment after yours pretty much sums it up.

Doesn't matter much what I think as they can only pick up the best they can afford.

And that's probably Goose. So on that basis, it is as good a get as any.


Bottom line .... you get what you pay for.

Good luck Dolphs , but make sure the first nights training allows for at least a 3 hour team address . Goosey will need most of that to tell everyone how good Simon Goosey is !

Not a BAD bloke and not a BAD coach ( just a very ordinary one who really belongs at suburban level) but you have to worry about the future of Frankston if this is the best they can do.

Having said that , they're still in the competition I guess.


sounds like you have had a bad experience in the past with the goose DesperateDan

from what i have seen at training he hasnt told anyone how good he is and seems really passionate about bringing a good group of young players together to play the best footy they can.

We shall soon see how the seeds he has planted during the pre season shape up