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Frankston Captain ?

Any news on who the dolphins new captain is for 2010? With the loss of such key senior players will the doplhins go for a young emerging player to start from the ground up?


Good question expat

Does the club go with a single captain or co-captains partnering a younger player set to move forward with the club with an older player who has experiance in the top job.

You have the likes of Paul Kennedy and Clint Proctor both have played 50+ Senior VFL games and at the top of what they do best.

Younger players that could lead well in the future

Dale Whelan - 4th season at frankston leads by example
Ben Crowe - Has captained senior local footy before bit of experiance
Mitch Bosward - 4th season at the club - leads by example

Just a few names i would throw up not many senior games played but when you have a list of players that havent played much over 20 games each doesnt seem to really matter

Lets hear your thoughts lads

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Paul Kennedy would be a good choice for captain.
PK would be the logical pick.
By far the most experienced player that would set a good example.
Would be a popular choice too.


pk. wont get a better choice.
I remember 1 day he was not playing due 2 injury and he spent time with the little kids kicking a footy with them.
Top guy

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Pk. a born leader, has coached and played Basketball for many seasons,
Has a good steady head on his shoulders and would set a fine example to any team.


I don't think you can go past PK, but there is a young kid there that could be a great Captain in the future,he showed alot of promise last year. Paul Rogash


Good call about Rogash 241. Russell Gabriel is another potential future captain.