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Werribee Statement re. Kyle Hartigan

A Statement from the Club re Kyle Hartigan

Like his mates and all young footballers, Kyle Hartigan’s dream is to play AFL Football. The former Western Jet was overlooked in the 2009 National and Rookie drafts.

His burning desire and ambition then became to give himself the best possible chance of keeping his name in front of AFL recruiters in the hope of being the next Dale Morris, Robin Nahas or Michael Barlow (a VFL player drafted to an AFL Club)

Kyle believed that the Werribee Football Club offered him the best chance to further his football dream. With that in mind, both parties have pursued the official channels to solve the situation.

Unfortunately there is no happy ending.

The Werribee Football Club is extremely disappointed that a new rule has meant that Kyle is not allowed to be a Werribee player. The club is also confused that the AFL Victoria appeal process failed to take into account the best interests of Kyle Hartigan as expressed by Kyle himself.

In recent years the Werribee Football Club has given a pathway to the AFL to Michael Barlow (Fremantle) James Podsiadly (Geelong) Ben Hudson & Dale Morris (Western Bulldogs)

The club has nurtured their talents and the results speak for themselves.

The Werribee Football Club has not given any financial support to the AFL clubs who drafted these players.

VFL Football should be about giving players a chance to be the best they can be. The Werribee Football Club believes this has not been the case for Kyle Hartigan and the end result is not in his best interests or that of football in general.


Now my comment...

This is an APPAULING situation, here we have a kid whose already suffered the disappointment of being overlooked by AFL clubs in last year's drafts, yet this new rule has created further heartache and anguish for the player and no doubt for those around him.

While I understand AFL Victoria has a duty to protect the alignments between TAC and VFL clubs, they also have a duty to ensure that players are able to play football where they choose. If AFL Victoria is going to tell players where they have to play footy, then I can tell AFL Victoria they will be seeing more and more players disappear to Queensland and South Australia. John Hook bemoans anybody who criticises the VFL, and scratches his head over why players want to leave the VFL to play footy interstate. Well John, if Kyle Hartigan - or any other player for that matter - now goes and signs with an SANFL club it is you who is to blame for that.

Both Werribee and Williamstown football clubs are great football clubs. Both are run by passionate, yet somewhat stubborn administrators. But the display of greed and stubbornness on the part of Williamstown over this matter, who merely have to concede defeat in the best interests of a young person leaves a sour taste in my mouth. No eighteen year olds life is worthy of being a pawn in a petty dispute between two adults.

I don't know Kyle, and I don't represent any football club. But I have ALWAYS had the best interests of a player at heart and this matter really concerns and upsets me.


don't know the full story footyman, but if this is something to do with zoning for feeder TAC clubs, then it is a joke, a player should have the opportunity to play for who they want. Especially seeing as how far adrift the TAC and VFL are...


This is nothing short of a major embarassment to Victorian Football.

And considering that the Williamstown Football Club is still crowing on their website about how many non-Western Jets players they have managed to entice to their Club for 2010 (as previously discussed on this VFL forum); quite frankly, it is hard to think of a bigger bunch of hypocrites.


And considering that the Williamstown Football Club is still crowing on their website about how many non-Western Jets players they have managed to entice to their Club for 2010 (as previously discussed on this VFL forum); quite frankly, it is hard to think of a bigger bunch of hypocrites.[/quote]Very true. They've plucked players from just about every other zone in Victoria and bragged about it.

Don't forget the $50,000 Williamstown apparently received (according to Inside Football) in transfer fees from South Adelaide for Xavier Gotch and Dylan Joyce...not bad when the ex-coaches kid doesnt want to play for you anymore you can sell him off for coin like that!!!! Funny thing is, neither of them were Western Jets either, Williamstown stole both of them from other zones 12 months ago!!!

Bunch of flogs with short memories.


[quote=footyman]Bunch of flogs with short memories.[/quote]
Mate, I've been telling you that for years! ;)


[quote=Dale61]First I've heard of any of this.

1/. What is this new rule that has caused this situation?

2/. Is Williamstown the only Victorian team Hartigan can play for?

3/. Western Jets players quite often choose Werribee over Williamstown once they have finished in TAC Cup, so why the 'zone' restrictions now?[/quote]The new rule restricts a VFL club from signing any more than two players per year from each TAC Cup club outside their zone. That means Werribee can only sign two Western Jets players per year, or that Casey can only sign two Dandenong Stingrays per year. They are aimed at protecting the TAC/VFL alignments.

By my understanding, Hartigan can now play for Williamstown, or any club which has not signed two Western Jets players already such as Frankston or Casey (how convenient for the player).


Too bad these teams didnt merge in 1995 when Willy was on there kness.


This really is the height of hypocrisy.

Willy are well known for actively pursuing "out of zone" TAC players. As soon as the shoe hits that other foot they start to cry foul.

The bigger picture is the real concern. Is this competition about developing players or holding them back. Mr Hook has once again let his rules get in the way of what is best for the player concerned.

This competition will never go forward until some of the AFL-Vic dinosaurs are moved on. Hook needs to be the first.


Have Williamstown even been involved in this process at all? They're not mentioned in the OP as far as can see.

Unless I'm missing something, this new rule means Werribee can't sign Hartigan because they have already signed to Jets players regardless of what Williamstown say/do?

If that's the case why all the negativity towards Williamstown?

If Williamstown have actively played a part in preventing Hartigan moving then I can understand the negativity towards them - but the OP doesn't mention them doing anything of the sort.

As far as I can tell, the VFL have introdocued a rediculous rule and their the ones to blame.


Would this not be because Werribee already have 2 western jets players on their list?