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TAC Cup Compeitition to have a top 12 this season

The TAC Cup will have a top 12 in a 13 team compeitition this season.

Here is how it is going to work

1st Qualifying Final (1st vs 4th)
2nd Qualifying FInal (2nd vs 3rd)
1st Elimination Final (5th vs 12th)
2nd Elimination Final (6th vs 11th)
3rd Elimination Final (7th vs 10th)
4th Elimination Final (8th vs 9th)

(The 4 Elimination Final losers eliminated)
Teams to be ranked from 1 to 8 after round with losers of Qualifying Finals to be ranked 3 and 4.

5th Elimination Final (1st vs 8th)
6th Elimination Final (2nd vs 7th)
7th Elimination Final (3rd vs 6th)
8th Elimination Final (4th vs 5th)

Winners advance losers eliminated
4 remaining teams to be ranked 1 to 4 after weekend.

1st Preliminary Final (1st vs 4th)
2nd Preliminary Final (2nd vs 3rd)

Winners advance,losers eliminated


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Who do you think will make the finals?

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[quote=paul]Who do you think will make the finals?[/quote]

Who won't????

Do they run a book on the TAC cup or would that be against the spirit of the competition???

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So let me get this straight - if you finish in the top 4, you play a Qualifying Final to decide which Elimination Final you get to play in the following week? Not exactly a great reward for a top 4 finish.

I understand that this system is designed to aid recruiters and player development, but it hardly promotes the competitive merit of the TAC Cup.