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Talented team but not much pace in the midfield.


Back to the good old days with no Sandy(or Frankston) players selected,5 from Port and Willy and only 3 from Nt Ballarat


Sportsbet have odds up on this game:

22-5-2010 14:10AEST

Head To Head Line

WAFL 2.45 1.90 (+10.5)
VFL 1.55 1.90 (-10.5


Paul your right about the pace in the midfield. Although the midfield has many guys who can win there own ball so I think we will be banking on that.
Actually looks like more running power in the backline!!

Cant wait for this game.


[quote=Dale61]From another web site, the final 24 have been announced, and the team has been named in position, with jumper #'s.

B: 17. Cory McGRATH (Port Melbourne) ~ 30. Jarrod DALTON (Port Melbourne) ~ 8. Stephen BREWER (Port Melbourne)

HB: 13. Michael STOCKDALE (Casey Scorpions) ~ 32. Peter FAULKS (Williamstown) ~ 15. Adam IACOBUCCI (Northern Bullants)

C: 18. Ben DAVIES (Williamstown) ~ 20. Myles SEWELL (North Ballarat) ~ 35. James WALL (Casey Scorpions)

HF: 29. Jarrod McCORKELL (Northern Bullants) ~ 24. Cameron PEDERSEN (Box Hill Hawks) ~ 25. Marcus MARIGLIANI# (Bendigo Bombers)

F: 2. Patrick ROSE # (Williamstown) ~ 22. Matthew LITTLE (Williamstown) ~ 31. Luke BREUST# (Box Hill Hawks)

R: 34. Orren STEPHENSON (North Ballarat) ~ 19. Brett JOHNSON (Williamstown) ~ 14. Stephen CLIFTON (North Ballarat)

Int: 16. Ed CURNOW (Box Hill Hawks) ~ 28. Toby PINWILL (Port Melbourne) ~ 7. Jarryd BLAIR# (Collingwood)

23. Kris PENDELBURY (Collingwood) ~ 21. Jonothan SIMPKIN (Geelong) ~ 12. Adam BENTICK (Port Melbourne)

# - AFL Rookie.[/quote]

The mail is Brewer out replaced in team by Bentick.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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1/4 time score
VFL 7.3.45 to WAFL 1.2.8
Goal kickers for VICS Rose and Little 2, McCorkell, Rose, Stockdale one each
WA Ryan Brabazon one goal.

Vics really switched on and it looks like to be one sided. Too classy.
I can't see WA matching the VICS and looked outclassed all over the ground.

Soulikas about the only forward with any idea in the first quarter for the west.
Krakouer has hardly got a sniff.

Marigliani has been in everything. Williamstown pair Little and Rose could be in for a very good afternoon.

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3rd qtr 12 minutes in
Vics 14.10.94 WA 4.5.29

Another 100 point win for the vics is looking good.

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3/4 time
VFL 18.11.119 to WAFL 6.6.42
Matty Little has kicked 7 goals.


Good win but let themselves down in the last qtr when they took the foot of the pedal. Even with some rain the crowd looked shocking for a city the size of Perth that is supposed to be football mad.

groper radio

Yep, weather was rubbish and the match was a 12:10 start going head to head with the Dockers live on TV so was never going to be a massive crowd. Same thing happened last year for WA v SA (rained all day and Eagles match on TV) and there was a similarly small crowd.

The state leagues need to check the AFL fixtures a little more carefully when organising these games - can't go head to head with AFL if they want a decent crowd