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VFL Round 11 Preview

Here is the preview for Round 11 of the VFL season

Collingwood(7-3 4th) vs North Ballarat(8-2 2nd) at Victoria Park 1:10pm(ABC1 TV)
Last time they met: 2009 2nd Prelim Final at TEAC Oval. North Ballarat 22-14(146) def Collingwood 12-13(85).
This should be a great contest. Collingwood had a good win over Box Hill while North Ballarat def Bendigo by a goal 2 weeks ago. North Ballarat coming off the week off I think will be too strong for the Magpies.
Total Quarters Won: Coll 21-16-3(6th) Nth Ball 24-16(3rd)
1st Quarter: Coll 5-3-2(5th) Nth Ball 6-4(2nd)
2nd Quarter: Coll 6-4(6th) Nth Ball 3-7(13th)
3rd Quarter: Coll 5-5(8th) Nth Ball 8-2(1st)
4th Quarter: Coll 5-4-1(7th) Nth Ball 7-3(2nd)
My Tip: North Ballarat by 8pts

Casey Scorpions(8-2 3rd) vs Werribee(2-7-1 13th) at Casey Fields 2pm
(Reserves Curtain Raiser starts at 11am)
Last time they met: Rd 9 2009 at Casey Fields. Casey Scorpions 17-18(120) def Werribee 9-16(70).
How will the Scorpions react from being smashed by the Seagulls a fortnight ago. Werribee had a good win over Coburg on the weekend. At home Casey should bounce back with a comfortable win.
Total Quarters Won: Casey 22-16-2(5th) Werribee 11-27-2(13th)
1st Quarter: Casey 4-5-1(9th) Werribee 2-7-1(13th)
2nd Quarter: Casey 6-4(5th) Werribee 4-6(8th)
3rd Quarter: Casey 7-3(4th) Werribee 3-7(11th)
4th Quarter: Casey 5-4-1(6th) Werribee 2-7-1(13th)
My Tip: Casey Scorpions by 33pts

Northern Bullants(6-4 6th) vs Geelong(3-7 10th) at Visy Park 2pm
(Reserves Curtain Raiser Northern Bullants vs Frankston 11am)
Last time they met: Rd 18 2009 at Preston. Northern Bullants 9-23(77) def Geelong 9-16(70).
The Bullants just beat the Borough while Cats lost to the Zebras. The Bullants need to a win to stay in touch with the top 4 while the Cats need to win stay in touch with the top 8. At home the Bullants to win.
Total Quarters Won: Nth Bull 24-14-2(2nd) Geel 20-20(10th)
1st Quarter: Nth Bull 5-4-1(6th) Geel 5-5(7th)
2nd Quarter: Nth Bull 6-4(4th) Geel 7-3(2nd)
3rd Quarter: Nth Bull 6-3-1(5th) Geel 4-6(10th)
4th Quarter: Nth Bull 7-3(2nd) Geel 4-6(12th)
My Tip: Northern Bullants by 14pts

Port Melboune(7-3 5th) vs Coburg Tigers(3-7 11th) at TEAC Oval 2pm
(Reserves Curtain Raiser at 11am)
Last time they met: Rd 10 2009 at TEAC Oval. Port Melbourne 18-14(122) def Coburg Tigers 12-5(77).
Both teams are coming off losses the Borough had a 1pt loss to the Bullants while Coburg had a 7pt loss to Werribee. It is a must win game for Coburg to keep touch with the top 8 but at home and after week off the Borough to win.
Total Quarters Won: Pt Melb 22-18(7th) Coburg 17-22-1(11th)
1st Quarter: Pt Melb 4-6(11th) Coburg 3-7(12th)
2nd Quarter: Pt Melb 5-5(7th) Coburg 7-3(3rd)
3rd Quarter: Pt Melb 7-3(2nd) Coburg 2-7-1(13th)
4th Quarter: Pt Melb 6-4(5th) Coburg 5-5(8th)
My Tip: Port Melbourne by 28pts

Gold Coast(2-7-1 12th) vs Box Hill Hawks(4-6 9th) at Frankhauser Reserve,Southport 2pm(3WBC)
(AFLQ Curtain Raisers Southport vs Broadeach Reserves at 9am,Seniors at 11:15am)
1st meeting between these 2 sides
Gold Coast smashed Frankston in the 2nd half to win by 10 goals while the Hawks continue to struggle after losing to the Pies at home. This is a huge game for the Hawks as they need to stay in touch with the top 8. I think at home Gold Coast to prevail in a tight one.
Total Quarters Won: Gld Cst 12-27-1(12th) BHH 24-16(4th)
1st Quarter: Gld Cst 3-7(12th) BHH 10-0(1st)
2nd Quarter: Gld Cst 2-8(14th) BHH 3-7(11th)
3rd Quarter: Gld Cst 3-7(12th) BHH 7-3(2nd)
4th Quarter: Gld Cst 4-5-1(9th) BHH 4-6(10th)
My Tip: Gold Coast by 4pts

Sandringham(5-5 8th) vs Williamstown(8-2 1st) at Trevor Barker Oval 2pm
(Reserves Curtain Raiser starts at 11am)
Last time they met: Rd 3 2010 at Williamstown. Sandringham 9-10(64) def Williamstown 9-9(63).
These 2 sides played a great game on the ANZAC Weekend. Willy smashed Casey 2 weeks ago while Sandy had a good win over the Cats. It should be a great game but Willy to win.
Total Quarters Won: Sand 20-20(9th) Will 26-14(1st)
1st Quarter: Sand 6-4(3rd) Will 6-4(4th)
2nd Quarter: Sand 4-6(12th) Will 8-2(1st)
3rd Quarter: Sand 6-4(6th) Will 4-6(9th)
4th Quarter: Sand 4-6(10th) Will 8-2(1st)
My Tip: Williamstown by 11pts

Bendigo Bombers(5-5 7th) vs Frankston(1-9 14th) at Windy Hill* 2pm
(*This match has been moved from Queen Elizabeth Oval)
Last time they met: Rd 11 2010 at Frankston. Frankston 16-12(108) def Bendigo Bombers 12-13(85).
Frankston were competitive in the 1st half on the Gold Coast last weekend but were blown away in the second while the Bombers lost by a goal to the Roosters. Shannon Grant will coach against his former team for the first time and should get a win.
Total Quarters Won: Bend 20-19-1(8th) Fston 10-30(14th)
1st Quarter: Bend 4-5-1(10th) Fston 2-8(14th)
2nd Quarter: Bend 4-6(10th) Fston 5-5(9th)
3rd Quarter: Bend 6-4(7th) Fston 2-8(14th)
4th Quarter: Bend 6-4(4th) Fston 1-9(14th)
My Tip: Bendigo Bombers by 29pts

Reserves Stand Alone Game on Sunday
Box Hill Hawks vs North Ballarat at Box Hill 12pm