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2010 Round 13 - Williamstown vs. Coburg Tigers

Saturday 17th July

Burbank Oval at 2:00 PM


B Mulligan Markovic Lockwood
HB Addison Tiller Grossman
C Davies Bre. Johnson Stretton
HF Moles Jones Howard
F Hooper Little Panos
R Faulks Akermanis Jolley
Int Tutt Morris* Boumann
  Cravino Tanner Hill
  German Carr Rose

Coburg Tigers

B Moore McGuane Clifton
HB Polo Gourdis Farmer
C Rayson King Duhau
HF Carnell Post Jordon
F Lawton Morton Polak
R Browne Kahlefeldt S. Power
Int Schroder* Piuselli McErlain
  Rance O'Rielly Gilligan
  Grimes Taylor M. Ambrose
  Hicks Morris Morgan


Williamstown 18.14:122 d Coburg 8.12:60

Traditional dark, cold day at Willy with a breeze across the ground but slightly favouring the grandstand end.
Coburg had 2 goals on the board before a ball was bounced, as Lockwood gave away 2 fee kicks and Coburg scored from the ensuing forward play.
Town controlled the 2nd term turning a 13 point deficit into a 21 point half time lead, and then added the first 3 goals of the 3rd term to go 39 up. Coburg added its first goal since the first quarter late in the 3rd, and promptly added 3 more to close within 2 goals before a Little steadier just on 3 1/4 time. Town then kicked away in the last term.
Coburg better than the score indicated, and had at least 5 posters and some horrible misses from close to goal (quite seriously, there were at least 2 efforts in the goals square that were missed.)
Very good crowd, no doubt Akermanis helping bring some bulldogs along - he even seemed to enjoy himself this time out.
thought polak did ok for Tigers, as did Rayson, Clifton and Morgan. Troy Taylor was also sharp. Davies, Johnson and Hooper did a power of running for 'Town, while Jones marked well, Rose took some great grabs, and Faulks and Boumann controlled the defence well.

Wally from Will...
Wally from Williamstown's picture

some good pics of the game at but mostly of Aker ......