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2010 Round 13 - North Ballarat vs. Frankston

Saturday 17th July

Eureka Stadium at 2:00 PM

North Ballarat

B White Delaney Greig
HB Richardson Smith Sharkey
C Couch Feery Clifton
HF C. Benjamin Tyler Norris
F Harding C. Jones Micallef
R Hale W. Benjamin Sewell
Int Driscoll McDonald* Tate
  N. Peters Lower Urquhart
  Campbell Cunnington A. Edwards
  Conroy McKenzie Lynch


B Davis Westcott Campisano
HB Baguley W. Miller Collison
C M. Clark Kennedy Hibberd
HF L. Clark Crowe Proctor
F Potts Thoolen Simpson
R Gabriel Hockey Bosward
Int Haretuku Sienkiewicz Wise
  Rowe Bateman Edwards*
  B. Mitchell Holden Lee


Final Score
North Ballarat 11-9(75)
Frankston 6-10(46)

Frankston were once again competitive but Nth Ballarat just too good.

Much better day than last Saturday no rain and it got to 8.3 degrees there today.

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do you give the dolphins any chance of upsetting Box Hill at Kars Street next week considering the last 2 weeks they have shown much improved form ?


Our form is not as bad as you may think.
While we haven't kicked big scores the last 2 weeks we did kick 20 against the filth 3 weeks ago.
The last 2 weeks have been terrible playing conditions and our backline has only leaked 9 goals in the last 8 quarters.
Bring on the Borough.