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2010 Round 13 - Werribee Tigers vs. Northern Bullants

Saturday 17th July

Avalon Airport Oval at 7:00 PM

Werribee Tigers

B Bryce Pask Sherlock
HB Saker Obst Black
C MacMillan Gleeson Chisholm
HF Rockefeller Thorp Speight
F Prismall O'Keefe Laidlaw
R Dickson Sharp Castello
Int Bongetti Sodomaco* Hartigan
  Garland Henderson Lunardi
  Denton Meredith Martiniello
  Scott Harrison Baddeley

Northern Bullants

B Armfield M. Austin Davies
HB J. Anderson Thornton Browne
C Johnson Hadley Cachia
HF Robinson O'Hailpin McCorkell
F Fisher Hampson Iacobucci
R Warnock Grigg Ellard
Int Kerr Casboult Woods
  Saad Thomas McLellan
  Morgan Tuohy S. Austin
  Smith Marcon* Gale


Whast does Jase perkins have to do to get a game in the seniors?

Has kicked about 35 goalsand still named on the bench in the 2s.

Werribee must a hard team to break into with all those key forwards!


3/4 time

Werribee Tigers 3.3 5.5 7.7 .
Northern Bullants 5.3 7.9 11.11 .


Perkins 6 more.......Come on Axe jesus!


Agree with you Burra....Perkins should be playing seniors.

Werribee's selection seems bizarre. A lot of players undeserving of senior games seem to hold their spot, while a handful of talented players are stuck in the twos and have not been given a chance to prove themselves.

Not a huge crowd tonight, but couldn't have had better conditions for the game with no rain and no wind. Just a little bit cold!

Sadly, the game was ruined by three blokes wearing orange. It was the worst umpired game I have ever seen. Ever. I couldn't have given a stuff who won the match, but the blokes who umpired that game wouldn't be deserving of umpiring the under 12s let alone a VFL match. The arrogance shown by one of them was particularly concerning. Someone may have the stat on 50m penalties, but there were a number of 50m penalties paid for insignificant incidents. If the VFL is going to become that soft, then I'll be even less interested in it than I am at the moment. Umpires, like the ones tonight, make not only the fans irate but they also piss the players off as well. You could see players frustrated with the decisions these clowns were making, and when the player dared to argue he was told to "shut up", or had a 50m penalty paid against him. Not good enough.


Ive actually seen a few umps smile this year after they have made some horrible decisions. Thats just arrogance and it really really annoys supporters.

Maybe we should look at some female umpires!!!

Gay Ayres was puzzled yesterday after a string of poor umpiring decisions lead to goals.

I always feel that in the VFL they always over-umpire and try to get into the game by making decisions that arnt there. If it looks like a player is going to give away a free kick the ump pays one anyway regardless.

Whats really annoying me at the moment is when a player bends over to pick up the ball and he rams his head into an opposition player and they pay a free for too high....Even if the opponent is standing there with his hands beside himself.
Dumb, the umps get sucked in.


[quote=burraburger]Ive actually seen a few umps smile this year after they have made some horrible decisions. Thats just arrogance and it really really annoys supporters.
One of them did exactly that last night. Laughed at the abuse he was copping over the fence, which merely outrages the fans and encourages more anger towards the men in orange.