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2010 TAC Cup with 2 rounds remaining

There are 2 rounds remaining in the TAC Cup season after this weekends week off.

11 teams have now qualified for the finals with GWS and Bendigo Pioneers 12th and final spot in the finals or the wooden spoon. The Top 4 get a double chance going into the finals.

CURRENT LADDER after Round 15 (Who they play in bracket)
Northern Knights 52 (vs Sand, vs Dand)
Geelong Falcons 48 (vs East,vs Oak)
Dandenong Stingrays 44 (vs GWS,vs Northern)
Oakleigh Chargers 40 (vs Bend, vs Geel)
Sandringham Dragons 36 (vs Northern,vs Bend)
Murray Bushrangers 28 (vs Calder,vs Gipps)
Gippsland Power 28 (vs Western,vs Murray)
Calder Cannons 28 (vs Murray, vs Eastern)
North Ballarat Rebels 20 (BYE,vs GWS)
Eastern Ranges 20 (vs Geel,vs Calder)
Western Jets 12 (vs Gipps,BYE)
Greater Western Sydney 8 (vs Dand,vs Nth Ball)
Bendigo Pioneers 4 (vs Oak, vs Sand)

If week 1 of the finals were on now here is how it would look.

1st Qualifying Final
(1)Northern Knights vs (4) Oakleigh Chargers
2nd Qualifying Final
(2)Geelong Falcons vs (3)Dandenong Stingrays
1st Elimination Final
(5)Sandringham Dragons vs (12)Greater Western Sydney
2nd Elimination Final
(6)Murray Bushrangers vs (11) Western Jets
3rd Elimination Final
(7) Gippsland Power vs (10) Eastern Ranges
4th Elimination Final
(8 ) Calder Cannons vs (9) North Ballarat Rebels

Winners of Qualifying Finals ranked 1 and 2, losers ranked 3 and 4.
Winners of Elimination Finals to be ranked 5 to 8, losers eliminated.

5th Elimination Final
1st vs 8th
6th Elimination Final
2nd vs 7th
7th Elimination Final
3rd vs 6th
8th Elimination Final
4th vs 5th

1st Preliminary Final
Highest Ranked Winner vs 4th Highest Ranked Winner
2nd Preliminary Final
2nd Highest Ranked Winner vs 3rd Highest Ranked Winner

GRAND FINAL Etihad Stadium Sunday September 19
Winner Prelim Final 1 vs Winner Prelim Final 2

Slammin Sammy Says

Gee the old Top 12. Why not just play an extra round?


Is this a joke??


No it is true


[quote=Robbo]No it is true[/quote]

Just goes to show how much credibility that this competition has.
What a farce !!!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

Slammin Sammy Says

Oh yes its a farce and it just got worse.
GWS have decided not to contest the finals meaning the last placed Bendigo Pioneers are into the finals!!!

from the Bendigo Advertiser...

THE Bendigo Pioneers could end the season with just one victory, but they are headed for the TAC Cup finals for the first time in seven years.
Under a new format introduced into the TAC Cup this season, 12 of the 13 teams qualify for finals, with only the wooden-spoon side to miss out.

While the Pioneers are staring at the prospect of finishing last, Greater Western Sydney yesterday announced it would not contest the finals.

That means the Pioneers will play finals for the first time since 2003, when they lost the preliminary final to the Murray Bushrangers by nine points.

Link to full article

cobrascorer's picture

Perhaps GWS's sole win (against Bendigo in round 6) should be taken off them.


I am going to watch Dandenong vs GWS at Shepley Oval on Saturday.