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2010 - Round 18. Werribee Tigers vs. Casey Scorpions

Sunday 22nd August
Avalon Airport Oval, Werribee at 2:00 PM

Werribee Tigers

B Sherlock Pask Hartigan
HB Saker Obst Chisholm
C Martiniello Gleeson Henderson
HF S. Kennedy Thorp MacMillan
F Laidlaw O'Keefe Speight
R Dickson Castello Rockefeller
Int Denton Wormald Schroder
  Priest Scott Wight
  Mangan Sharp Tarrant
  Notman Moloney Mather

Casey Scorpions

B Taylor McNamara Cheney
HB Healey Panozza Tapscott
C Wall Dan. Bell Creed
HF Newton Miller McGough
F Fieldsend Bate Maric
R P. Johnson MacReadie Nicholls
Int Morton Riseley Cleven
  Petropoulos Moloney Hughes
  Bail Lees Blease
  Waite Carew* Plummer


Whats the scores out of this game ?



[quote=boroughforever]Who is winning out of this game ?


1/2 time

Werribee Tigers 6.0 6.3 . .
Casey Scorpions 5.2 10.5 . .


Boroughforever 1/4 by 1/4 scores are available here

VFLRadio are covering the game as a online call..


Thanks comeng

Let me know at the 3rd quarter time break and at the end of the game

Thanks again


Werribee Tigers 6.0 6.3 9.5 13.9 (87)
Casey Scorpions 5.2 10.5 17.8 19.11 (125)

Werribee Tigers: Gleeson 2 Castello 2 Henderson 2 Dickson O'Keefe Obst Martiniello Pask Laidlaw Speight
Casey Scorpions: Miller 5 Bate 5 Healey 2 MacReadie Creed Plummer McGough Taylor Carew Nicholls

Werribee Tigers: Gleeson Martiniello Hartigan Rockefeller Dickson Chisholm
Casey Scorpions: Bate Johnson Hughes Miller Fieldsend Wall

Werribee Tigers: Nil
Casey Scorpions: Nil