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[quote=VFLfan]Definitely not a crowd maximising fixture.

The 2 tv finals both clash with their AFL teams.

Coll vs Haw on Sat arvo

NM vs Melb on Sun arvo[/quote]Yes in AFL Collingwood v Hawthorn,in VFL at Teac Oval Collingwood v Northern Bullants both games on Saturday.So Collinwood crowd will be at MCG not at Teac.On Sunday AFL Melbourne v North Melbourne at MCG,in VFL North Ballarat v Casey as these teams are aligned to the teams playing at MCG,wouldn't it be common sense have them games at Teac the other way round Collingwood v Northern Bullants play Sunday and North Ballarat v Casey on Saturday to maximise crowds.

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In a earlier post I suggested Port & Willy should play at Werribee but I found out that the Western Region League play their finals at the ground on Satuday & Sunday.

Go Borough!2010


[quote=digs][quote=comeng][quote=rooster]No home final for the Chookies !! Good work VFL :(

Must remember to finish 5th next year >)[/quote]

I won't agree with you many times but it is bullsh**t that North Ballarat don't get a home final. Last year both the top two teams (Willamstown & North) got a home final. It could be worse I suppose, it could be at Casey Fields.[/quote]

Typical of the whole screwed up competition .
No direction, No clear guidelines, rules that are as contoversial as they are confusing & living from week to week, making the rules up as you go along.
I must be getting soft because I am starting to agree with Billy more & more each day.[/quote]

I knew someone of your intellegence would come on board eventually LOL

I know I might be getting a bit old and silly but blind freddy can see the supposed independent VFL is just a plaything for the AFL and their Vic clubs to manipulate.

No sporting comp can have such a lack of structure and direction and have any respect from the sporting public.


[quote=NorthPort]Just a couple of years ago, Box Hill was deemed unsuitable to host finals because of a lack of undercover seating. Now they have the new complex.. But I understood that was for Box Hill Social Club members.

So what's changed that the City Oval is now suitable for VFL Finals footy?[/quote]

I would have thought that would be very obvious Northport !!!

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Wally from Will...
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the whole fixturing for the first round of the finals seems like a schemozzle to me but i'm not surprised, some interesting questions have been raised about City Oval's sudden suitability & why North Ballarat didn't get a home final and why the VFL games clash with the aligned AFL sides games .... the ABC obviously like to dump their OB gear at Port for the first 3 weeks of the finals, is it money-driven or laziness??surely Willi v Port would be more appealing to a TV audience ....

Slammin Sammy Says

In todays Herald Sun there is a text box at the top of page 91 talking about the run home for the 8 AFL finalists.

It also mentions how each teams aligned VFL team is going.

2 massive errors in the article:

Western Bulldogs alligned to Werribee

Carlton alligned to Northern Knight

Its not that hard to do some simple research!


How about doing a live cross to Box Hill City Oval or show some Highlights of the game ABC ?

There is already camera's and VFL Radio calling the game.

But i don't think there interested

Pretty upsetting that the 2 greatest clubs of this rich compition is not getting any tv coverage.

I think if i look into the past this would be the first time ever a Port v Willy final was not shown on tv since the broadcast started way back in 1967 with channel 10.


The first week of finals is ALWAYS a problem.

AFL Vic use the excuse that half the grounds are booked for VAFA and local footy finals which rules places like Sandringham and Werribee out of the equation. Which is valid. But how about thinking outside the square???

Werribee would have been great for a night game between Port and Willy. Yes, the venue is booked on Saturday and Sunday for the WRFL. But what about a Friday night game at Werribee? No AFL in Melbourne this Friday night - would have been perfect for a VFL game like that. It would have attracted four times the number of spectators who will turn up to Box Hill on Saturday arvo for the game.

The VFL need to do something different...sadly they show no initiative.

The VFL is by far the worst run state competition in Australia. And to be honest, most local competitions with honorary treasurers and 70 year old Presidents run a better competition than John Hook and Peter Schwab do with the VFL.

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According to this morning's Age Willy V Port is the TV game.
Perhaps ABC decided just to leave their gear there after last week's game.



At least the games are now 2.10 starts for the finals...none of that 1.10 shit which was not popular with the fans!!!