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I remember the "great" Norman Banks.

I recall him as an extreme right wing talk- back presenter.

I remember (in fact I have a recording of it somewhere) his response to a caller who rang to say that John Kerr's role in the Whitlam sacking was a disgrace.

He said "Come sir, that's merely your personal opinion and there's no place for that on this program.

No place for a personal opinion on a talk-back program!! For God's Sake!

I guess we'd call him a Shock Jock these days.[/quote]

We have got off the topic a bit Lum.
I will initiate another topic on famous radio personalities.

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A couple of weeks ago you reminded me that VFA said "Port supporters would go to the moon ..."[/quote]Blackrocker I would go and watch Port anywhere if possible even Vic Park as I was only making a statememt that I couldn't careless about the ground as I don't like the place plus the team who played on it.

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Vic Park needs a proper scoreboard.