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Seniors Second Elimination Final - Northern Bullants vs. Collingwood (ABC TV)

Saturday 28th August
TEAC Oval, Port Melbourne at 2:10 PM

Northern Bullants
B Gale M. Austin Dare
HB J. Anderson Thornton Walker
C Johnson Hadley Browne
HF Thomas O'Hailpin Morgan
F Tuohy Fisher McCorkell
R Jacobs B. McLean Iacobucci
Int Woods Saad Cachia
  S. Austin Casboult Arrowsmith
  Lawless Neaves
B Young Carter Francis
HB Buckley Keeffe Sinclair
C Barham O'Bree Corrie
HF Reed Anthony Davis
F Cook Medhurst K. Pendlebury
R Wood Lockyer J. Thomas
Int Mahoney McNamara Millard
  Boshevski Hunt Liston
  Colbert Sundberg

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Preston will win this game easily. It will be a 10 goals plus victory for the ants.


Quarter Time
Northern Bullants 5-5(35)
Collingwood 0-2(2)


Half Time
Northern Bullants 7-7(49)
Collingwood 4-4(28)


Three Quarter Time
Northern Bullants 11-13(79)
Collingwood 4-5(29)


Final Score
Northern Bullants 15-18(108)
Collingwood 8-9(57)


[quote=vfa]Preston will win this game easily. It will be a 10 goals plus victory for the ants.[/quote]

On the money once again Georgie !!!
Great to see the re-emergment of the magnificient Colliwobbles.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


[quote=vfa]Preston will win this game easily. It will be a 10 goals plus victory for the ants.[/quote]

vfa That had to be the worst crowd at a VFL/VFA final on a perfect day I have ever seen.
The people at the VFL have a lot to answer for putting the Collingwood seconds on at the same time the seniors are playing down the road at the MCG = just pathetic!

The VFA used to get more than that at U/19 games

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What a FILTHY DAY for the SCUM !!!
Don't you love it ?
Good old Preston far too good for the filth and great to see the old MAYBLOOMS kick the last four goals at Teac Oval to sink the maggots.
They will be out in STRAIGHT SETS !!!!!

Just got home about 10 minutes ago and will watch the first quarter now and last 3 quarters later on. Will also make a point of watching the last 10 minutes of the Hawks v Filth clash on Foxtel sometime during the week.

September was officially renamed COLLIWOBBLES way back in 1960.

Funny that both the filth nemesis today have the club songs WE'RE A HAPPY TEAM AT HAWTHORN/BULLANTS.
Billy I will count the crowd with my fingers on one hand. I'll let you know what the official crowd was ? Seriously was it that bad ? I will find out shortly.

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Poor Howard Leigh has shed a tear as his beloved filthy scum magpies lost. What a pathetic article in today's Herald Sun.

Howard, how about a tissue to wipe the tears for Lockyer as well as Domasevic who was poor in his 200th afl game.

What's in store next Sunday in the paper.
Carlton this and Carlton that ??

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are we looking at a repeat of last years Grand Final?

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years