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C'mon Boroughforever Sandy kids beat Port kids so be a real sport and take it!
Sandy had (I) St.Kilda rookie player Daniel Archer who is a developing player only .
You got beaten just as Port beat Sandy at Sandy 3 weeks ago when Sandy had the better game all day except for the last 5 minutes and did we grizzle! only about our own bad players letting the team down.
Port lost the reserves final on Saturday and when Sandy lose we'll feel bad too.


Have to agree with Zebra man on this one.

Knowbody likes to lose lets be honest it would be great if our teams won every week that feeling is the best but even when you do lose you must be still proud of your team and look at all the positives.

I was filming the match and in the last quarter Sandy played great football and put Port under the pump and in the end they got over the line.

I really felt sorry for the Ports reserve coach i listen to him pre game and he said to the players to put everything they had on the line as there is going to be players who run out today that will never pull on a Port jumper again.

I'm not trying to scare you but that's reality....

What his done with the reserves side this year is fantasic and i hope his there again next year.

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Cheers Station...who is the Port reserves coach?

The reserves coaches often get overlooked but they play a vital part in preparing players for the senior team

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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I met the Port reserves coach and even opened the gate for him to drive his car into ground for which he was thankful,seemed a nice fella.
Reserve Coaches as said by Zebraman are often overlooked and are a very important part of any club but they work just as hard as a Senior Coach but less praises, etc,.

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According to the Port Website the Reserves coach is Dion Miles. I don't know anything about him


[quote=blackrocker]According to the Port Website the Reserves coach is Dion Miles. I don't know anything about him[/quote]

If it's Dion Miles, he has had more clubs than Tiger Woods.
Has coached several clubs in the Ballarat League.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Yeah that's him

He also was a coach at the sydney swans in 2005 and 2006


that said the sandy reserves Coach is doing a fair job
heard a player say the other week- and I think was referring to Barnard- he's the best coach he has had. Said player has had a really good year.

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Jeremy Barnard second season at Zebraland but first season as Coach of our Reserves. Very strict, stands for no rubbish and well respected by players, staff and Sandy F. C.Club. Jeremy is ably assisted by Grant Holman and so far it's all working to plan.
Next couple weeks will tell if the dream continues as we would like.