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Reserves Second Preliminary Final - Box Hill Hawks vs. Werribee Tigers

Sunday 5th September
TEAC Oval, Port Melbourne at 11:00 AM

Box Hill Hawks

B Sierakowski Van Unen Kennedy
HB Duryea Thompson Dowler
C Cass Grimley Tobin
HF Kitchin Smithwick Walker
F Johnston Bello Renton
R Mirra McGuinness Williams
Int Delahunty Orr McShane
  Conyers C. Hoegel George
  Warby Johns

Werribee Tigers

B Black Hartigan Garland
HB Baddeley A. Kennedy Magnabosco
C Notman Lunardi S. Kennedy
HF Risol Henderson Moloney
F Mather Perkins Daw
R Gardiner Priest Scott
Int Denton Haby Schroder
  Scammell Harrison Meredith
  Simpson McKerracher


I'll be down at Teac Oval on Sunday for this game, I'm really hoping that the boys can keep going and make it through to a grand final.

Hard fought win over Coburg last week where no more than a goal seperated either side until we kicked away late in the last quarter.


Beau dowler playing twos,interesting.


Quarter Time
Box Hill 3-5(23)
Werribee 1-2(8 )


Half Time
Box Hill 5-6(36)
Werribee 2-5(17)


Three Quarter Time
Box Hill 8-11(59)
Werribee 6-6(42)


Final Score
Box Hill 10-12(72)
Werribee 7-8(50)