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Hook's fixture change catches the umpires out

Initially scheduled for a 12.15 start yesterday, the TAC Cup matches at Visy Park were moved forward to Midday earlier in the week by John Hook. Problem is, the umpires hadn't been told the message. There was mayhem as the two competing teams did their final huddle on the ground, the siren went to signal a minute until the start - but there were no umpires on the ground.

Leon Harris from AFL Victoria came charging from the Grandstand and into the umpires rooms to give them the hurry up, eventually the men in orange appeared at 12.01pm - a minute after the scheduled start time - and after a hurried warm up and toss of the coin the game got underway about 10 minutes late.

It was only a matter of time before AFL Victoria's fixture changes caused some kind of mess. Lucky the start was only amended by 15 minutes, and it wasn't a venue change or an hour difference....then we'd have been in real trouble!!!! Might be time those at Headquarters checked their communication channels.