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2010 AFL Draft Combine List
This year’s crop Small Forwards Camp No. – Player (Club, State) HT, WT, D.O.B. 1 Reece Conca (Perth, WA) 182, 76, 12/08/92 Versatile player who can play forward midfield or back. His ability to run and carry and his football smarts were prominent in representing WA at U18 level this year. 2 Sam Crocker (Oakleigh Chargers, Vic) 180, 73, 12/03/92 Midfielder who can play forward and use his excellent disposal to set-up goals. Quick and strong overhead for his size he also makes good decisions with the football. Averaged 19 disposals with Chargers this year at 65% efficiency. 3 Josh Green (Clarence, Tas) 179, 76, 24/08/92 Quick and agile midfielder/forward who reads the game extremely well and wins contested footy. Won TAS MVP in AFL U18's and All Aust honours averaging 25 disposals. 4 Cameron Johnston (Geelong Falcons, Vic) 181, 78, 24/02/92 Quick and versatile player who can play hit-up forward role or go down back. Very athletic type overall and a long kick. 5 Jed Lamb (Gippsland Power, Vic) 181, 78, 19/10/92 Clever forward with clean hands overhead and at ground level, very good awareness. Super smart goal kicker in all situations kicking 44 goals this year for Power and VIC-Country U18's. 6 Tim Milera (Pt Adelaide Magpies, SA) 170, 72, 9/12/92 Skilful and talented genuine small forward in the Eddie Betts mould. Great goal sense, clean hands and has been impressive at senior level this year. 7 Dion Prestia (Calder Cannons, Vic) 175, 82, 12/10/92 Powerful inside midfielder/forward with excellent disposal skills and contested ball winning ability. Averaged 28 disposals in the TAC Cup and represented Victoria Metro in the AFL U18's with injuries curtailing his Championships. 8 Matthew Rankine (West Adelaide, SA) 179, 70, 20/02/92 Quick and agile forward who can win the contested ball and is capable overhead for his size with his natural leap. SA rep in U18's in 2010. 9 Ben Reid (Bendigo Pioneers, Vic) 181, 67, 05/09/92 Smart forward with good anticipation, clean hands at ground level and overhead. Uses ball well and impressed for NSW/ACT in AFL U18's Championships this year. Brother Sam at Western Bulldogs. 10 Thomas Schneider (Oakleigh Chargers, Vic) 178, 77, 30/09/92 Very smart and courageous fall of the ball player with clean hands and neat disposal skills. Smart around goals and very impressive for Vic Metro in the AFL U18's winning its best player award. Average 29 disposals with Chargers this year. 11 Hayden Yarran (West Perth, WA) 186, 75, 30/04/92 Very clever player around goal and accurate on the run or set shot. Strong overhead and can also push up into midfield. WA U18's squad in 2010. Medium Midfielders Camp No. – Player (Club, State) HT, WT, D.O.B. 12 Warrick Andreoli (South Fremantle, WA) 182, 75, 28/02/92 Extremely quick player who takes the game on. Good user of the ball on preferred left side. Showed his talent with WA in the U18's. Averaged 15 disposals at 72% efficiency. 13 Shaun Atley (Murray Bushrangers, Vic) 188, 84, 13/09/92 Exceptionally agile player with great speed and endurance. Twice runner up in State hurdles highlights his athletic ability. All Aust U18's in 2010, averaging 19 disposals and 6 tackles. 14 Harley Bennell (Peel Thunder, WA) 184, 70, 02/10/92 Talented ball winner in the forward-line or midfield. Has speed, poise and great goal sense. Won the Larke Medal and All Aust 18 honours in 2010 kicking 13 goals in 5 matches and averaging 19.6 disposals with 6 inside 50's. 15 Rohan Bewick (West Perth, WA) 184, 77, 10/10/89 Hard running player who is smart and a penetrating kick. Has good pace and endurance. Played well at senior level in 2010 in the WAFL. 16 Josh Caddy (Northern Knights, Vic) 186, 82, 28/09/92 Powerful player who wins clearances and contested marks. Dangerous forward who attacks ball aggresively. Kicked 22 goals and averaged 21 disposlas for the Knights this year. All Aust U18's 2010. 17 Alex Fasolo (East Fremantle, WA) 182, 79, 08/06/92 Impressive player for WA in U18's this year averaging 19 disposals with 67% efficiency. Good clearance player with good decision making ability. 18 Andrew Gaff (Oakleigh Chargers, Vic) 183, 79, 16/06/92 Left footer with terrific game sense. Imposes himself on games. Prolific ball winner averaging 30.5 disposals for Chargers and 27 for Vic M this year. Has good pace and endurance combination. All Aust U18's 2010. 19 Mitch Hallahan (Dandenong Stingrays, Vic) 182, 82, 23/08/92 Tough inside player with penetrating right foot. Wins one on ones and is disciplined. All Aust in U18's 2010. 20 Brad Harvey (Eastern Ranges, Vic) 184, 83, 16/04/92 Medium defender/midfielder who can play inside or outside and provide good run and carry. Very quick and competitive. VIC Metro U18's rep in 2010. 21 Thomas Liberatore (Calder Cannons, Vic) 182, 78, 16/05/92 Wins clearances and has quick clean hands. Hard in contested situations and team orientated. Averaged 24 disposals with Cannons, 5 clearances & 4 tackles. Neat left foot kick and All Aust U18's 2010. 22 Aaron Mullet (Eastern Ranges, Vic) 183, 74, 23/02/92 Smooth moving left footer who has ability overhead. Is neat with hand and foot. VIC-M rep in AFL U18's 2010. 23 Luke Parker (Dandenong Stingrays, Vic) 182, 83, 15/10/92 Hard running player who is strong overhead and around goal. Has elite endurance and is super competitive. Averaged 23 disposals at 68% efficiency with Stingrays this year. VIC-C U18's 2010. 24 Jared Polec (Woodville West Torrens, SA) 188, 81, 12/10/92 Left footed long kicking player who excelled in NAB AFL U18's winning All Aust honours. Has pace and composure around goal with impressive form at senior level in the SANFL. 25 Mitchell Wallis (Calder Cannons, Vic) 185, 79, 24/10/92 Has great hands and work ethic ; reads game extremely well and uses the football smartly. Averaged 29 disposals at 66% efficiency with Cannons this year. Captained VIC-M in AFL U18's 2010. Medium Forwards Camp No. – Player (Club, State) HT, WT, D.O.B. 26 Nathan Ah Mat-Watkins (Pioneers, NT, West Adelaide, SA ) 186, 78, 18/02/92 Footy smart around forward line and has excellent clean hands and awareness. Rep NT in AFL U18's this year and playing for West Adelaide. 27 Daniel Farmer (Sandringham Dragons, Vic) 189, 82, 22/07/92 Quick and excellent one on one player who can play many roles for his team. Smart goal-kicker having kicked 17 goals in 10 matches with the Dragons. 28 Jacob Gillbee (Lauderdale, Tas) 184, 76, 13/09/92 Led up forward with good hands and goal-kicking ability. Provides good defensive pressure inside F50. Averaged 4 tackles a game and kicked 7 goals for Tasmania in the NAB AFL U18's. 29 Kieran Harper (Eastern Ranges, Vic) 187, 80, 05/06/92 Very quick and skilfull player with great goal sense. Can take contested mark and impact a game. VIC-M rep in 2010 in AFL U18's, kicking 7 goals including 4 vs. WA. 30 George Horlin-Smith (Sturt, SA) 185, 75, 22/12/92 Outstanding winning contested football and very creative player. Promising junior cricketer having represented Australia at U16 level. 31 Patrick Karnezis (Oakleigh Chargers, Vic) 190, 78, 23/04/92 Tall forward who is well balanced and team focused, setting up many goals. Also clever goal-kicker and has strong hands. VIC Metro U18's rep in 2010. 32 Jarryd Lyons (Sandringham Dragons, Vic) 183, 79, 22/07/92 Agile player with terrific ball winning ability, footy know how and endurance. Averaged 21 disposals and kicked 23 goals in 16 matches with the Dragons this year. 33 Josh Mellington (Murray Bushrangers, Vic) 186, 78, 29/12/92 Clever opportunist around goals and in one on one marking situations. Kicked 38 goals and 16 behinds in 15 matches this year. Tackles well inside F50. 34 Viv Michie (Oakleigh Chargers, Vic) 185, 79, 23/02/92 Well rounded player who is dangerous as a forward and can play midfield or back. Excellent kick and reads game extremely well. VIC-M U18's rep in 2010, averaging 16 disposals and 2 goals. 35 Ben Newton (South Fremantle, WA) 183, 76, 08/08/92 Strong marking and winner of contested football. Uses ball well with hand and foot. WA U18's rep in 2010. Graduate of AIS/AFL Academy. 36 Jayden Pitt (Geelong Falcons, Vic) 188, 72, 07/10/92 Player with good reactive speed, agility and smart user off both feet. Reads ball off hands extremely well. All Aust in NAB AFL U18's 2010 averaging 18 disposals and kicking 8 goals in the Championships. 37 Arryn Siposs (Dandenong Stingrays, Vic) 189, 80, 25/11/92 Strong marking player who is an excellent kick for goal and very team orientated. Averaged 15 disposals and kicked 34 goals for Stingrays this year. VIC-C U18's rep in 2010. 38 Aaron Young (Eastern Ranges, Vic) 188, 77, 06/12/92 Outstanding mark for his size and very athletic. Wins contested ball and has pace and hardness. VIC-M rep in 2010. averaged 16 disposals, 3 tackles, 4 marks as well as kicking 6 goals for the Championships. Medium Defenders Camp No. – Player (Club, State) HT, WT, D.O.B. 39 Jake Batchelor (Dandenong Stingrays, Vic) 187, 82, 13/02/92 Left footed medium defender who is strong overhead and a neat disposer of the ball. Provides good run and can lock down on opponents. 40 Nathan Batley (Woodville West Torrens, SA) 185, 74, 16/09/92 Very speedy medium defender who can break the lines. Shows good vision and decision making and is very competitive. SA U18's rep in 2010. 41 Alex Browne (Oakleigh Chargers, Vic) 188, 86, 09/08/92 Aggressive medium defender who reads the play very well and uses the ball effectively by hand and foot. Can push into the midfield and win his own ball. VIC Metro U18's rep in 2010 playing 3 matches . 42 Ben Casley (Western Jets, Vic) 189, 86, 18/03/92 Medium defender/forward who takes good contested marks and has good game sense. Provides run from defence or can be a lead-up forward. 43 Jamie Cripps (East Fremantle, Vic) 182, 78, 23/04/92 Medium defender with excellent speed who takes the game on. Uses the ball well by foot and is sound defensively. WA U18's Rep. 44 Cameron Guthrie (Calder Cannons, Vic) 186, 79, 19/08/92 Versatile medium defender who can play a lock down role and win contested ball. Very consistent player who has clean hands and makes good decisions. VIC Metro U18's rep in 2010. 45 Dyson Heppell (Gippsland Power, Vic) 187, 79, 14/05/92 Skillful left footed medium defender with penetration kick, strength overhead and clean hands. Had outstanding AFL U18's winning VIC Country MVP and All Aust honours. Won Morrish Medal for TAC Cup Best & Fairest in 2010. 46 Ben Jacobs (Sandringham Dragons, Vic) 186, 82, 09/01/92 Left footed medium defender who can play midfield or forward. Powerful type who kicks long and takes an excellent overhead mark. Can really find the ball and had outstanding AFL U18's winning All Aust honours. 47 Andrew McInnes (Dandenong Stingrays, Vic) 189, 83, 20/03/92 Disciplined medium defender who provides good rebound. Very competitive and can play on talls or smalls. VIC Country U18's rep in 2010. 48 Cameron Richardson (North Ballarat Roosters, Vic) 189, 84, 02/12/87 Hard running medium defender who makes good decisions on when to mark or spoil. Dual B&F winner in Ballarat League in 2006 / 08. 49 Billie Smedts (Geelong Falcons, Vic) 188, 78, 08/06/92 Composed medium defender/forward who is strong overhead and very competitive. Is an extremely agile player who takes the game on. VIC Country U18's rep in 2010 playing 3 matches after returning from injury. 50 Brodie Smith (Woodville West Torrens, SA) 189, 80, 14/01/92 Medium defender/midfielder with terrific speed/endurance combination. Powerful player who bursts from stoppages and wins plenty of the footy. Starred in AFL U18's with All Aust honours. 51 Joel Wilkinson (Broadbeach, Qld) 184, 80, 29/11/91 Dashing medium defender with only 2yrs in the game coming fron an athletics background to captain QLD this year in AFL U18's. Workrate and pressure very good. 52 Blayne Wilson (Peel Thunder, WA) 188, 86, 26/01/92 Strong marking medium defender who reads the game very well across half back. Uses the ball effectively and earn All Aust honours in 2009 and was consistent for WA at U18s level this year. Tall Defenders Camp No. – Player (Club, State) HT, WT, D.O.B. 53 Jordan Treloar (Northern Knights, Vic) 192, 83, 12/12/92 Well balanced Tall defender/forward who is extremely agile and strong overhead. Averaged 16 disposals and 6 marks for the Knights this year. 54 Cameron Delaney (Geelong Falcons, Vic) 192, 82, 19/06/92 Composed tall defender who is able to read the ball well coming into defense and make good decisions on when to mark and spoil. Rangy type with good closing speed - Vic C rep in 2010. 55 Tom Gordon (Oakleigh Chargers, Vic) 195, 90, 19/04/92 Tall defender/forward who is very strong overhead and long left foot kick. Very dangerous around goal in the TAC Cup. Represented VIC Metro in AFL U18's as a defender. 56 Alex Johnson (Oakleigh Chargers, Vic) 193, 82, 02/03/92 Tall defender/forward with outstanding work rate and competitive edge. Provides excellent defensive pressure when playing forward. Represented VIC Metro at AFL U18's this year. 57 David Kruse (Wanderers, NT) 190, 73, 23/01/92 Dashing tall defender with terrific run and carry from back 50 Can play tall or small or push into midfield giving his team flexiblity. From Tiwi Islands impressed for NT in AFL U18s this year. 58 Ryan Lester (Oakleigh Chargers, VIC) 190, 83, 26/08/92 Tall defender who can play medium role as well as forward. Attacks the ball strongly and is strong overhead. VIC Metro rep this year averaging 16 disposals and 4 marks. 59 Angus Litherland (Claremont, WA) 192, 83, 12/10/92 Tall defender with excellent closing speed and spoiling ability. Shows ability to rebound from defence. Represented WA in U18's in 2010. 60 Pat McCarthy (Glenelg, SA) 194, 84, 11/03/92 Athletic tall defender who can also go forward. Neat disposer of the ball and provides good rebound from defence. Won All Aust U18 honours this year. 61 Justin Monaco (East Fremantle, WA) 191, 86, 07/11/92 Tall defender who reads the game well and provides good run from defence. Provides good defensive pressure on talls and mediums. Represented WA in U18s this year. 62 Cameron O’Shea (Eastern Ranges, Vic) 191, 86, 13/03/92 Tall defender with strong work ethic and with the ability to win the contested ball. Disciplined and determined player. Represented VIC Metro in AFL U18's this year averaging 16 disposals. 63 Max Otten (Oakleigh Chargers, Vic) 193, 86, 10/11/92 Left footed tall defender who reads the game very well and makes good decisions with the ball. Provides good run from defence. Played for VIC Metro in AFL U18's. 64 Seb Tape (Sturt, SA) 191, 85, 06/08/92 Athletic tall defender with excellent closing speed and competitive edge. Very good one on one and below his knees. Captained SA in NAB AFL U18's this year. 65 Matthew Watson (Calder Cannons, Vic) 195, 98, 16/07/92) Left footed tall defender with penetrating kick and strong in the air. Composed with the ball in his hands and had a consistent U18's Championships winning All Aust honours. Tall Forwards Camp No. – Player (Club, State) HT, WT, D.O.B. 66 Darcy Barden (Northern Knights, Vic) 192, 91, 13/02/92 Very competitive tall forward with great work ethic and strong hands overhead. Courageous player who was impressive for VIC Metro in the AFL U18's. 67 Lucas Cook (North Ballarat Rebels, Vic) 194, 82, 03/03/92 Tall forward to reads the game well and has sure hands. Mobile player who can go back; makes good decisions. All Aust U18's in 2010. 68 Jack Darling (West Perth, WA) 191, 94, 16/06/92 Athletic tall forward who attacks the ball with ferocity and strong overhead. Provides excellent defensive pressure in the forward 50. All Australia U18 in 2009 and again provided excellent marking target up forward for WA in 2010. 69 Sam Day (Sturt, SA) 195, 94, 06/09/92 High leaping tall forward who can take contested marks. Skillful on right and left side. SA U18's rep in 2010 winning All Aust honours. 70 Zac Fitzgerald (Woodville West Torrens, SA) 192, 84, 16/02/91 Very versatile tall forward or defender who is strong overhead and accurate at goalfront. Smart reader of the game. SA U18's rep in 2010. 71 Anton Hamp (Claremont, WA) 193, 83, 21/07/92 Versatile type who makes good position and has good work ethic. Clean hands and pace also a feature. Represented WA at U18's level this year. 72 Tom Lynch (Dandenong Stingrays, Vic) 196, 90, 31/10/92 Strong marking tall forward with terrific work-rate and ability at ground level. Impressive for VIC Country in AFL U18's. 73 Luke Mitchell (Calder Cannons, Vic) 196, 96, 28/02/92 Tall Forward / Defender with strong contested marking ability. Dangerous around goals and presents well on the lead .Missed AFL U18s due to shoulder surgery but now back in TAC Cup. 74 Callum Sinclair (Port Melbourne, Vic) 201, 96, 23/09/89 Mobile tall forward who is a strong lead and mark overhead. Reads the game very well and reliable in front of goals. 75 Jamie Solly (Port Adelaide Magpies, SA) 192, 92, 27/07/92 Tall forward who can also play down back. Strong hands overhead and reliable kick for goal. SA rep in 2010 kicking 12 goals. 76 Ariel Steinberg (Bendigo Pioneers, Vic) 191, 84, 26/08/92 Tall forward who is quick on the lead and has an excellent natural leap. Played Amercian football (Gridiron) in Alberta, Canada in 2009. 77 Jake von Bertouch (Woodville West Torrens, SA) 192, 80, 04/05/92 Tall forward who is quick on the lead and accurate in front of goal. Has strong hands and is team orientated. SA U18's rep in 2010. 78 Josh Walker (Geelong Falcons, Vic) 194, 87, 12/11/92 Tall forward with terrific work-rate and strong hands overhead. Impressed for VIC Country in AFL U18's as a lead up forward. Ruckmen Camp No. – Player (Club, State) HT, WT, D.O.B. 79 John Ceglar (Murray Bushrangers, Vic) 200, 87, 14/02/91 Much improved mobile ruckman who is team orientated and sound overhead. Consistent performer for VIC Country in U18's this year averaging 13 hitouts and 3 marks. 80 Leif Cope (Eastern Ranges, Vic) 203, 98, 22/08/92 Athletic ruckman who competes very well at ground level. Averaged 11 disposals and 2 marks with the Ranges this year. 81 Daniel Gorringe (Norwood, SA) 200, 92, 02/06/92 Gifted in the art of ruckwork and a very athletic player who is strong overhead and dangerous near goal. Won All Australian U18 honours in 2010. 82 Brayden Grenfell (Calder Cannons, Vic) 198, 84, 09/05/92 Tall forward/ruckman with very good work-rate and good below the knees. Has strong hands on the lead. 83 Joseph Groenewegen (Launceston) 196, 84, 25/10/91 Tall forward/ruckman with very good endurance, agility and overhead marking talent. TAS U18 rep this year. 84 Tom Hickey (Morningside, Qld) 201, 88, 06/0391 Developing ruckman with terrific work-rate and prepared to lay tackles. QLD U18's rep in 2010 averaging 18 hitouts and 3 tackles. 85 Matt Jones (South Fremantle, WA) 200, 86, 26/06/92 Mobile ruckman with long left foot kick who can go forward and provide a target. WA rep at U18's level. 86 Scott Lycett (Port Adelaide Magpies, SA) 202, 95, 26/09/92 Strong marking ruckman who is agile and super competitive. Team orientated player who impressed with SA in U18's. 87 Ben Mabon (North Ballarat Rebels, Vic) 198, 81, 14/06/92 Aggressive and athletic ruckman with excellent work-ethic and technique with his stoppage work. NSW/ACT rep in 2010 AFL U18's. 88 Andrew Phillips (Clarence, Tas) 200, 86, 03/07/91 Developing ruckman who marks well around the ground and has good understanding with his on-ballers. TAS U18's rep. GWS nominees for consideration Camp No. – Player (Club, State) HT, WT, D.O.B. 89 Todd Elton (Dandenong Stingrays, Vic) 197, 90, 29/04/93 Tall forward and ruckman who is very athletic and strong both overhead and at ground level. Averaged 12 disposals with 4 marks, 2 tackles in TAC Cup matches this year and also represented VIC Country in the AFL U18’s. 90 Joshua Growden (Woodville West Torrens, SA) 187, 76, 17/04/93 Medium midfielder / defender who is excellent overhead and a sound decision maker who reads the play very well. Long left foot kick and capable of playing forward as well. Averaged 26 disposals at 79% efficiency in 14 games at U18’s level in South Australia this year. 91 Jarrod Harding (Woodville West Torrens, SA) 183, 76, 16/03/93 Medium forward who is accurate around goal, strong mark on a lead and clean at ground level. Maintains terrific forward line pressure with strong tackling. SA U16’s rep in 2009. Averaged 18 disposals in 15 matches and kicked 52 goals, 21 behinds at U18’s level in SA this year. 92 Hayden Hector (Gippsland Power, Vic) 181, 81, 08/03/93 Hard running medium midfielder who can also play a shut down role. Strong over the ball and a very good mark for his size. VIC Country U16 rep in 2009 and U18’s rep in 2010. Averaged 21 disposals in 11 matches for Power and 20 disposals in 3 matches for VIC Country this year. 93 Matthew Jacquier (Woodville West Torrens, SA) 175, 78, 29/03/93 Medium forward who presents very well and has strong hands overhead. Composed player with good disposal right and left. Also a talented state level basketballer. Averaged 17 disposals in 9 matches and kicked 19 goals, 9 behinds at U18 level in SA this year. 94 Shane Kersten (South Fremantle, WA) 190, 88, 15/03/93 Tall forward who is strong on the lead and sound overhead. Accurate kick for goal and has represented WA at U16 level in 2009 and U18 level in 2010 kicking 15 goals in 5 matches. Made his senior debut in the WAFL this year. 95 Nic Murphy (Oakleigh Chargers, Vic) 193, 81, 22/03/93 Tall forward with strong hands overhead and is a long left foot kick. Talented basketballer who also distributes the football very well. Has kicked 23 goals, 6 behinds in 15 matches with the Chargers this year. 96 Jack Newnes (Northern Knights, Vic) 183, 73, 24/02/93 Medium midfielder who can also go back or forward. Very composed player who uses the ball efficiently and provides very good run for his team on all parts of the ground. Averaged 19 disposals and kicked 10 goals 4 behinds in 14 matches for the Knights this year. 97 Jai Sheahan (Geelong Falcons, Vic) 193, 82, 27/01/93 Tall forward/ruckman who is super athletic, strong overhead and a sound decision maker. Played 13 matches for the Falcons this year averaging 10 disposals and 3 marks. 98 Simon Tunbridge (Perth, WA) 185, 87, 01/04/93 Medium forward who can also play back of forward. Excellent user of the ball, strong mark and has good athletic ability. From Dongara in country WA. 99 Gerald Ugle (Perth, WA) 179, 79, 31/01/93 Small midfielder/forward who can also go back and use his speed and kicking ability to great effect. AIS/AFL Academy graduate in 2010. 100 Nathan Wilson (Peel Thunder, WA) 184, 72, 07/01/93 Medium defender who can also go midfield and use his speed to break the lines. Exciting player with excellent natural leap.