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By my reckoning, Norwood's interstaters from last week's team:

Phillips (Ex Swans)
Rowe (ex Swans)
Trotter (ex Kangaroos)
McGuiness (ex WBs)
Zorzi (ex VFL)

Centrals, from their last game:

Gowans x 2 (ex StK)
Goodrem (ex Swans)
Lawry (ex VFL)
Hayes (ex Swans)
Spurr (ex Qld)
Williams(ex Port Power)
Callinan (ex Tas)
Gunston (current Adelaide Crow)


Teams for Seniors Grand Final


FF: James Boyd Daniel Havelberg Andrew Hayes
HF: Chris Gowans Daniel Schell Kyle Jenner
C: Trent Goodrem James Gowans Brayden O’Hara
HB: Jack Gunston Yves Sibenaler Paul Thomas
FB: Lee Spurr Heath Lawry Jay Nash
R: Jason Mackenzie Ryan Williams Ian Callinan

Int(from): Luke Barmby, Scott Dutschke, Corey Reichert, Eddie Sansbury & Jason Sutherland (2 to be omitted)


FF: Terlich Bown Donohue
HF: Campbell Rowe Lower
C: Gallagher Trotter Phillips
HB: Davis Duigan Jonas
FB: Puopolo McGuinness Georgiou
R:Dawe Zorzi Weatherlad

Int(from): Fuller Schulz Hughes Nitschke Shenton (2 to be omitted)

IN: Donohue (rec) Schulz Nitschke
OUT: Grigg (omit)

Weather looking really good for Sunday Mainly Fine Max 25


[quote=NorthPort]cheers StrayDog. You must be pretty used to Grand Final appearances by now. Any chance of letting someone else have a turn?


Not just yet NP. ;) They're pretty addictive.

Norwood become Centrals' fifth GF opponent in as many years.

Just two clubs here from nine (Port and South) haven't tasted a Grand Final since Sturt pulled our pants down in '02.

This one's shaping to be an absolute belter. Crowd is looking to be another 35k+ going by the "Adelaide Now" article below.

Ticket sales point to big crowd


Beautiful day here at AAMI Stadium currently 19 degrees going for 25 degrees.

5 hours until the start of the Senior grand Final Central vs Norwood

U18 Grand Final
West 3-4(22)
Glenelg 5-8 (38)
Half Time

Senior grand final is being telecast at the Charles Dickens Tavern 290 Collins st from 3:30pm melb time.


U18 Grand Final
West 6-8(44)
Glenelg 15-11(101)
Final Score

back to back U18 flags for Glenelg.

Reserves Grand Final Port vs Sturt is next starts in about 25 mins.

Currently 23 degrees here.


Reserves Grand Final
Port 7-3(45)
Sturt 3-7(25)
Half Time

24 degrees currently


Reserves Grand Final
Port 11-6(72)
Sturt 8-15(63)
Final Score

around 45 mins from start of senior grand final central vs norwood

now 25 degrees here which was the forecast.


SANFL Grand Final
Centrals 4-1(25)
Norwood 1-1(7)
Quarter Time
Centrals had the strong breeze.


Central 4-5(29)
Norwood 7-4(46)
Half Time

fantastic qtr by the redlegs with the wind.


Central 9-11(65)
Norwood 7-6(48 )
Three Quarter Time

norwood coming home with the wind. Only one goal against the breeze so far.