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Frankston best and Fairest

Senior Best and Fairest

Michael Hibberd 31

Russell Gabriel 29

Luke Potts 24


Reserves best and Fairest: Jack Cole 18 votes
James Anwyl 2nd with 15 votes


Full list of award winners will be published tomorrow.

Other news

Frankston to begin pre season training next Wednesday.

Will remain a stand alone club.

Grandstand to open in 2 weeks with Dolphins to use rooms under stand along with visiting club. Current rooms to be used by Dolphins as a Gym.

An electronic scoreboard to be installed for Start of 2011 season.


Other Awards

Most Determined Player: Matthew Cavendon
Most Consistent Player: Daniel Wise
Most Improved Player: Nick Gooda

Best 1st Year Player: Shane Hockey
Coaches Award: Mitch Bosward
Most Determined Player: Mark Baguley
Dolphin Spirit Award: Paul Kennedy
Most Consistent Player: Luke Potts


Robbo, was it only a remark that Frankston will remain stand alone in isolation, or was there any talk that they had been approached or that it is their decision to stay stand alone etc?


Frankston have been given $1.5 million dollars from the state government for extensions to the social club. Basically putting a 2nd level on it. This has just been confirmed.


Robbo is that what was going on down there today i drove past and there where alot of toffs in suits in front of the stand (which looks great), i thought there must have been a grandstand opening or something